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Did Swansea City deserve the win? What did Newcastle fans think of the Swans and their performance? Was Pardew right with his post-match views? Newcastle fans answer our questions

Did Swansea City deserve the win? What did Newcastle fans think of the Swans and their performance? Was Pardew right with his post-match views? We asked Newcastle United fans on the Vital Newcastle Forum here and they kindly responded as below:

Swansea City won their second away game of the season with a 2-1 victory at St James’ Park. Michu and de Guzman scored second half goals before Ba found the net in injury time.

Alan Pardew put some blame to the defeat on a lack of experience, is that a fair excuse for another home defeat or did you have a good enough side to get the 3 points?

Boomboomcheiktheroom: Nope, the team out there should of been good enough to win the match

Rexn If Swansea had been worse or the team had been better organised, yes we did.

Platinii: No, it’s not fair, particularly as it was him who brought on the 19 year old Bigirama. There was enough experience in Ba, Shola, Tiote, Saylor, Simpson, Krul, Ben Arfa and Williamson. Even Santon plays maturely. We have good enough players, but this season not a good enough side, which is down to the management. You were probably wondering why our most useless defender was constantly the source of out creation by booting the ball upfield to your lot. Ben Arfa our only other outlet, but no clue how to play off him. Depressingly familiar this season.

cameron-nufc: We had a good enough side to get the 3pts. (no disrespect to swansea of course) we created nearly 30 chances and if we were more prolific we would have won, and comfortably.

Toon_NoMatterWot Not a valid excuse at all for me, certain things he says are what is causing some fans to lose patience with him as he chooses the team. I thought we had enough to get the win and reckon we would if we played the same two line ups this weekend.

taffontyne: Saying it like that is Pardish for ‘we have a weak squad’

Newcastle seemed to be shooting at distance at almost every opportunity but failing to hit the target, is this common and how frustrating was it to see so many shots off target?

Boomboomcheiktheroom: We are lucky to have any kind of shot these days

Rexn Par for the course if you were brought up on Ray Clarke and Billy Rafferty.

Platinii: There’s a distint lack of discipline to our play this season, and because teams double and treble up on Ben Arfa, we seem utterly screwed, when that doesn’t come off. Ba aside, we have very little to offer, so resort to booting it upfield and swinging a leg at it anywhere near the 30 yard mark.

cameron-nufc: It was very frustrating. especially after our season last year, i’d say we were pretty prolific in front of goal but it hasn’t carried on into this season, we need to start making our chances count.

Toon_NoMatterWot Not common at all but understandable considering a goal tends to settle the crowd down, especially when the confidence is all over the shop. Frustration pretty much sums the performance up and the crowd’s anxiety didn’t help matters

jiggystoon Some of the shots that were taken from distance were there to hit imo, I guess it should depend on the player as to who should be hitting them and who shouldnt be, as there were a couple of others Saturday when I would have liked to see them control it and give it off to a more suitable player.

taffontyne: Yep, I noticed that – it was a discussion point in the pub afterwards, just how players are incapable of hitting the target. I think it showed our desperation, lack of ideas and a lack of technique. I wonder what they do in training?

The Swans were helped around the hour mark by Krul for the opening goal, what were your thoughts on the game up until this point, were you gaining confidence that you could go on and win?

Rexn Confidence? Us?

Platinii: I thought you were the better team, very neat and tidy, but lacking a bit of presence up front. We probably should have been the better team, but aren’t this season.

cameron-nufc: I thought we would go on to win, especially considering we had already created a fair few chances at that point.

Toon_NoMatterWot We were right in the game at that point and the crowd was right behind the team and it had a bit of a cup match feel for a few minutes with play switching from end to end with us looking the most likely to score. I thought we were gonna come good

jiggystoon The 10 mins prior to the opening goal were played largely on our terms and we looked the more likely to go and get the goal, it was unfortunate for Krul (his kicking can leave a lot to be desired sometimes) having said that some of the guys efforts in getting back to cover in time were a bit lazy (thats how it looked on TV anyways)

taffontyne: I thought the introduction of Shola at half time improved matters for us, though that is not really saying much. I thought we were lucky not to be 3-down at half time, given the opportunities you had and fluffed.

Swansea City have often been guilty of dominating possession but then being punished at the other end for a lack of quality in the final third. Did you begin to fear that this could happen as it did on Saturday?

Rexn We probably hoped it would happen, Swansea being punished at the other end that is.

Platinii: Not really, as we never looked like dominating posession.

cameron-nufc: To be honest, no. i expected us to bounce back with a win after a disappointing 1-0 loss the week before, but that obviously wasn’t to be.

Toon_NoMatterWot Not really as if anything, we had more than a fair share of possession. Once we went a goal down though, i always worried that we’d concede another on the break

jiggystoon No not really, it was quite obvious from the onset that you guys were going to be happy to sit in our half and try and soak us up before trying to hit on the break.

taffontyne: That was certainly the case down your place last season. You are a good passing side and movement too is good. Your players get in more dangerous scoring positions but you still lack composure in front of goal. You fluffed some opportunities in the first half.

Alan Pardew was pleased with the performance despite the result, what are your views on how you played?

Boomboomcheiktheroom: Very average, lacked movement in the final third.

Rexn We was triffic apart from the goals. I played well on Sunday morning if that helps, just couldn’t sink a putt.

Platinii: We played very averagely. Huffing and puffing at times, but with no real game plan once Ben Arfa couldn’t beat five men. Exactly the same as against West Ham.

cameron-nufc: We played well in parts, created plenty of chances, we haven’t started well, funnily enough we didn’t start well last season either but look where we finished. Overall (putting the result aside) i thought we played well enough to have got the win, just need to start taking our chances.

Toon_NoMatterWot We didn’t play that badly but some individuals did, mainly Mike Williamson who was getting some other players backs up. the nerves seemed to spread through the team later on though, which caused us to get more static as some tried to hide from the ball. If we’d got the first goal or Tim Krul didn’t make that mistake, i still think we’d have edged it.

jiggystoon We had the majority of the ball, went very close on occasions, on another day we could and should have won, but we didnt, you guys took full advantage when given the chance, I was confident that we would hit back and equalise but as it turned out we got hit on the break again, these things happen, you guys had your chances as well so fair play

taffontyne: More Pardish, there, right there, I’m afraid. The fact he thnks we played well tells me that – worryingly – he does not see where the problems lie.

What were your thoughts on the Swans? And judging from the game where do you think we’ll finish come May?

Boomboomcheiktheroom: Not good enough for the top 8 but wouldn’t be surprised to see you in the top half

Rexn Well organised and mid table if you avoid too many injuries.

Platinii: Very neat and tidy, but a team full of midgets, apart from the front two. If a team came with the intent of working harder to close you down, I think you might struggle, but there’ll be a lot worse teams than you I’m sure. No worse than top 12 I suspect, but your lack of physicality may find you out over the course of the season.

cameron-nufc: At the start of the season i thought Swansea would really struggle with Rodgers going to Liverpool, but Laudrup and come in and done well, and has signed some unknown gems, Michu being an example. i think you will finish 9th-12th come the end of the season judging on your performances so far this season.

Toon_NoMatterWot I think their game has changed slightly. Instead of passing the ball across the pitch, they at least tried to play a little bit of football this time with their aim to get towards our goal instead of freezing at the 18 yard box. i still think they’ll struggle a bit but reckon they’ll be around the 12th or 13th slot in the table come the end.

jiggystoon I wasnt blown away by your performance on Sat however I have been impressed with earlier performances, in particular the West Ham game early in the season top half isnt beyond Swansea if you get a good run with injuries.

taffontyne: More potent though still maintaining the passing game – but there is more movement off the ball this season. I wouldn’t judge yourselves against a poor newcastle side. That is not to take away from your win, just to be realistic. Not a relegation struggle for sure, but if you went out and got yourself a quality midfielder with an eye for a pass, I think you’d slip comfortably into top 10 in May.

Where do Newcastle go from here, is it just a case of getting your key players back again or is Alan Pardew getting it wrong with player selections and/or tactics? Did he get it wrong against the Swans?

Boomboomcheiktheroom: Down the table

Rexn We go further into profit. Pards is the master tactician, he never gets it wrong. He just doesn’t have the depth of squad to get it right.

Platinii: He’s getting it wrong every game. We were very hard to break down last season, and that was the foundation to our season. We don’t have enough control of the defence or midfield this season, and our supply line to the forwards has become predictable and limited. Cisse and Ba cannot play as a flat front two, and that’s one of the main reasons we’re struggling.

cameron-nufc: We have to start playing 4-3-3. 4-4-2 doesn’t work in my opinion. With cabaye possibly being out for 6 weeks and us not investing particularly well in the summer, its time for one of the youngsters (bigi for me) to step up. and i think he can, we also have to get our strikers firing, Cisse especially, we need to midfield to start linking up with Ba and Cisse and giving them some service because thats been a massive let down so far this season, service to the strikers has been pretty poor. we need a decent win to get our season started, and hopefully it comes on sunday against Southampton.

Toon_NoMatterWot It’s anyone’s guess where we go as the tactics have to change and we need to strengthen, especially at the back. We still have enough in the squad to get top 8 and this needs to start by beating Southampton at the weekend. On reflection, we can say Pardew got it wrong on Saturday but we had a fair few chances to score. it’s always about sticking the ball in between the white posts though.

jiggystoon Obviously getting key playes back will be a masisve help however if the right level of investment was made during the summer we would be in a position where we can cover injuriy and suspension to key players a little better, I dont think Pardews tactics are as much of a concern as what some are suggesting, I would though like to see him ind a way to get the most out of Cisse and Ba while playing in the same side, this so far hasnt happened. I would also like to see Ben Arfa be given a bit more of a free license to really ‘go after’ teams, he was really giving you guys some problems on Sat.

taffontyne: No, it’s not a case of getting key players back. The squad is weak and I think the key players know they will need to a move away from this club if they are ambitious. Pardew did get it wrong in Saturday, but he also failed to put it right.

Was the 2-1 scoreline a fair reflection on how the game panned out?

Boomboomcheiktheroom: I don’t think either team really deserved to win

Rexn Looks like it

Platinii: I’d say so.

cameron-nufc: to put it simply, no. i thought we were the better team but thats football for you. if you don’t take chances you get punished.

Toon_NoMatterWot We didn’t play well but many times have got results by playing bad, so at least the balance is right. if this dip means we get it right in the long run then we have to take it but answering the question it could have went either way i thought

jiggystoon I would have said at the end that a draw would have been a fair result as I thought Swansea had there moments as well as us, wasnt to be and you guys got the 3 points so fair play

taffontyne: I thought you should have been out of sight by half time. It seemed to dawn on your players that we had 2 statues in central defenceand that playing through and around them was the way to go.

Who was your best and worst player?

Boomboomcheiktheroom: Best Ben Arfa, Worst Mike Williamson.

Rexn Leon Best was worst when he was here if that helps.

Platinii: Ben Arfa again, with Ba second. Williamson again the worst.

cameron-nufc: Ben Arfa was the best, Worst, probably williamson. (can’t really remember so i’ll say him because he’s generally sh*te.)

Toon_NoMatterWot Ben Arfa followed by Santon as best. Mike Williamson by a clear mile, the worst.

jiggystoon Best was Ben Arfa by a country mile and our worst was Mike Williamson also by a country mile

taffontyne: I though Shola made a difference and didn’t seem to waste the ball when he came on. Some will say Ben Arfa but you just showed him a harmless channel to play up and he grabbed it with both hands. I thought Willamson and Taylor were awful in defence.

Who was you most impressed with in the Swansea City team?

Boomboomcheiktheroom: Pablo Hernandez, love the fella!

Rexn Hernandez

Platinii: Britton and Michu. That Schecter was decent too.

cameron-nufc: Either Dyer or Michu, both are very good players!

Toon_NoMatterWot Probably Michu but then again, the build up play was quick and short, so no-one really dwelled on the ball too much

jiggystoon Thought the Swansea kepper did some big things when called upon, have also been really impressed with Nathan Dyer this season.

taffontyne: No individual stood out for me, just a good team performance, work ethic from players who have a system and role and know what they should be doing – the flip side of what we were about. All the best, looking forward to the trip down there – let’s hope we are ticking by then.

Many thanks to Vital Newcastle and the members above for providing us with their thoughts.


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