Date: 24th November 2018 at 8:39pm
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Leroy Fer was a common subject of debate on social media after Swansea City’s heavy 4-1 home defeat against Norwich City as many fans criticised his first half performance.

Graham Potter brought the skipper off at half time along with Jay Fulton and it isn’t the first time that the manager has had to take him off after a poor first half display. The Aston Villa away game was another example where the pair weren’t up to standard together.

Your captain has to be a 45-46 game a season manager (or 37-38) in the Premier League. Ashley Williams was and vice captain Mike van der Hoorn is too. A captain is there to lead and is expected to play 90 minutes for most games and lead by example, but Leroy Fer really isn’t do that this season and you have to concede that the decision to give him the armband hasn’t worked out for Graham Potter.

It makes you wonder if that’s the only reason that he’s in the first team – he’s the captain because his performances surely don’t warrant a starting place every week.

That leads us on to another point that the fans were making after the game – the need to get Matt Grimes out from left back and into the centre of midfield in place of Fer. He’s far more reliable on the ball and he impressed there in the 2-0 home win against Reading. When Olsson came on and he moved to his strongest position we did look better balanced.


2 Replies to “What The Fans Want After Norwich Defeat – A Change of Captain Being One”

  • What is GP up to picking players that are not up to it and Ferr well give him a spell in the reserve’s I have yet to see him have a good game as I have said many times before every one is talking about January well nothing will happen as the owners will only be interested in the club DC united which they own over there and will use our club to keep them going just look at the money being spent on players over there but nothing for our club them two and HJ are just leeches was this the reason HJ kept his job on the condition when he sold us out to them Americans that he was kept on as Chairman not just satisfied in making millions off our backs he is still on the pay roll you can not trust that man he is one big lier.

  • other than a few naivities we could be right up there and considering how average we been at times that’s something. The one thing I don’t like is CR on the wing and KN in midfield with MG at lb ok when we were short of players fair enough but as good as Connor has been he isn’t naturally a winger Olsson brings more to lb than grimes and grimes brings more to midfield than naughton so shift Connor back where he shone in the first place put round pegs in round holes then let’s see how we do. Leroy nowhere near as invested as some other players. 442 Mulder Connor vdh rodon Olsson grimes James Montero Celina oli bony when everyone is fit that is the team I’d like to see rotating between grimes and fulton and also Celina and Byers rotating

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