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The Top Swansea Managers

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Swansea is the second largest city in Wales and is famous for its Wind Street-centred nightlife, being the birthplace of the poet Dylan Thomas, and being where the Swans hail from! But who has taken this team to glory over the years? Let’s have a look at the top managers of the Swansea City Association Football Club.

Brendan Rodgers: 44.76% Win Rate


Rodgers comes from Northern Ireland and is a professional football manager and former player who now manages the Scottish Premiership club Celtic FC. He’s had an admirable career as a manager, leading teams that won two Scottish domestic trebles as well as a third Scottish League Cup.

His amazing career kicked off with Swansea City FC, where he led the Swans to the Premier League in impressive fashion in the years 2010–2012. At 50 years old now, he won 40+ of his 90+ games as Swansea City manager before departing for Anfield.

Harry Griffiths: 42.64% Win Rate


James Henry Griffiths is a Welshman, as well as a professional football player and manager. He filled multiple roles in the time he spent at Swansea City FC, including assistant manager, coach, manager, physiotherapist, player, and trainer. As a player, he made more than 400 appearances for Swansea Town, scoring 72 goals and getting a cap from Wales. He was as sure a thing when it came to football betting as jockey Scobie Breasley was for Caulfield Cup betting!

Griffiths worked with the Swans from 1975 to 1978. He won 50+ of the 120+ games he was in charge of.


Joe Bradshaw: 47.06% Win Rate


As the horror of the First World War subsided, professional football was eager to return to some normality in England. The person that the Swans board elected to be the third manager of the then-fledgling club was Joseph Bradshaw.

Bradshaw managed Swansea Sea FC from 1929 until 1926, overseeing more than 250 games during that period and winning more than 120 times. He won the League title during this period and thereafter managed Bristol City, Fulham, and Southend United.

Roberto Martinez: 50% Win Rate


Roberto Martínez Montoliu is from Spain. He was once a football player before becoming a football coach, and he currently heads up the national team of Portugal, the Selecção das Quinas. He’s another big name that got his big break as a Swansea City Football Club manager.

He arrived at the Swans’ halfway through the 2007/08 campaign, winning 60+ of the 120+ games he was in charge of over a period of two years. His last season as Swansea Sea FC manager saw his team finish in an impressive eighth place.

Steve Cooper: 44.44% Win Rate


Steven Cooper was the last manager to lead Swansea Sea FC to a play-off final when he oversaw a Wembley Stadium run in 2021. The team unfortunately suffered defeat at the hands of the Bees, and the Swans got consigned back to the championship. Cooper departed from the club after the loss, despite having a record of 45+ wins from more than 100 games over the two-year period he was in charge.

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