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Former manager Brendan Rodgers and his posible return has dominated discussion this weekend and has divided opinion amongst Swansea fans…

Former manager Brendan Rodgers and his posible return has dominated discussion this weekend and has divided opinion amongst Swansea fans…

There’s been plenty of speculation in recent weeks suggesting that Brendan Rodgers was set to return to the Swansea City hotseat – providing they avoided relegation this season.

But there’s always speculation and barely any of it comes to fruition. It could be the same again about these Rodgers rumours, although we’ve also heard from a very good source that Rodgers is the man to take over in the Summer.

But why didn’t we report it? Because anything can happen, Rodgers will have a number of offers to consider on the table and like Wales Online and Evening Post have reported, nothing has been agreed yet in terms of who’s manager in 2016/17. Not only that, but not many people listen to reports any more that contain the words ‘according to our sources’. So we don’t bother anymore.

So why are we reporting it? Because it’s been topic of debate all weekend on twitter, facebook and message forums.

We’re sure that Rodgers is still Swansea’s number 1 managerial target in the Summer. The Daily Express were the first to report this weekend the rumours we’ve been reading for the last month or two. They reckon that his return is a done deal.

Earlier this year, Rodgers revealed that he had spoken to Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins, but told him he wasn’t in a position to join a new club until the Summer – the terms of his departure from Liverpool reportedly didn’t allow it – but mainly because he’d miss out on a huge chunk of money had he taken a job back when the Swans came calling.

‘I have had five opportunities since I left Liverpool to get back into work, all at clubs I really respect, but I just felt I wanted to take some time out. It is very intense when you are in the game,’

‘I enjoy the scrutiny, and life of being at the leading edge of the game, but that opportunity that presented itself when I left Liverpool gave me the chance to go away for the first time in five years and sit and reflect on how I work and can improve and I hope my next club will benefit from that.

‘I spoke to Huw Jenkins, the chairman, and people I know well, but I made it clear, I was pretty open, Swansea is a wonderful club, and there were also a couple of other Premier League clubs I could have gone back to, but I was open and up front: I wasn’t going to be available to come into a club before the summer.

‘I am open. It is where I feel I can go in and make a difference: a job that will excite me. It doesn’t have to necessarily be at a top club. It can be at home or abroad. It is just about finding the right opportunity, one that will excite me to go in and somewhere I can help make better.’

The idea of Rodgers’ return to the Liberty Stadium has divided Swansea City fans to say the least.

Some would welcome him back with open arms – they want to see attractive, attacking football again, whilst other fans would prefer to move on.

Here’s some responses to our tweets from Twitter:

Some fans would prefer De Boer:

So what do you think? Do you want him back? Let us know below in the comments…


2 Replies to “Rodgers Yes or No? It’s Divided Opinion!”

  • Not for me. Personally I wouldn’t like to see him back. We need a complete change and Rodgers showed at Liverpool that after spending a huge amount of money he couldn’t keep Liverpool in the top four once he lost Suarez. He has a huge ego and at the moment we need that like a hole in the head. Let’s slow down and really consider different options. I’m sure Huw Jenkins will do just that.

  • I agree, I want us to move on, but I reckon Huw Jenkins will go all out to get Rodgers which is why the speculation is in overdrive about his return

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