Date: 4th February 2018 at 11:01am
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Rate the players’ performances in Swansea City’s 1-1 draw away at Leicester City.

Simply roll over the stars (underneath the player names) and click to rate each player out of 10. The players’ scores will update when the page is refreshed.


2 Replies to “Rate The Players: Leicester City 1-1 Swansea City”

  • I see Mawson is god again for being hit by the ball. Better ignore all the times he was left up field, out of position and for playing Vardy onside for their goal when he could,for once, have just stood still.

  • This is a game when we certainly would have lost under Clement. To go a goal down away at Leicester would have been impossible for us to come back from under him. But now we have a determination shown by our back 3 of which Mawson is a key part to hold out under great pressure. Van der Hoorn though is getting to be our unsung hero and he continues to give good performances. A well earned and important point for us.

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