Date: 11th May 2007 at 9:42pm
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We asked the fans for their views on the 8 out of contract players at the club and here’s what they said:


Garry Monk – give him a 12 month contract. With pre-season training, he should be ready for the new season. Missed his experience & leadership in the centre of defence this season. Keep.

Steve Watt – Injuries limited his appearances since he joined. As long as he is physically fit, then give him the benefit of another 12 months. Keep.

Adebayo Akinfenwa – As long as his broken leg is healing properly then keep him for another 12 months. Can be an impact player coming on in the last part of a game. Keep.

Tom Williams – See player profile. Not consistent. Had to go.

Andy Oakes – In my opinion not given a proper chance in the side, especially as Gueret has been badly out of form. Other factors must be reason for non-selection and his release.

Kristian O’Leary – gives 100% every game, but his passing and shooting not up to standard. Let him go.

Kevin Austin – Too slow, left foot only. Have Lawrence, Monk, Watt and Tate. Let him go.

Izzy Iriekpen – found lacking in defence, guilty of letting the ball bounce instead of heading it in the air. Guilty of not close marking his opponent at set-pieces, resulting in conceding goals. Let him go.


Garry Monk – Very Surprised he isn’t one of the released players , he isn’t a League One player, I question his positioning and ability to deal with pace.

Steve Watt – I think he should be given a chance, yes he has been injured and has been a drain on financial resources but he is still young and could be one to invest in the future with.

Adebayo Akinfenwa – Terrorizes the defense by his shear presence however i don’t think he has the stamina to do a full season and in spite of this as a squad player one must keep him.

Tom Williams – Wrong Decision but if he has had offers from elsewhere nothing we can do about it.

Andy Oakes – Poor andy must be sick as a parrot, he is a much better keeper than Willy and doesnt get chances I’m sorry it shows gutless management playing calamity Willy instead of strong and commanding Oakes.

Kristian O’Leary – Quality player and still can do a job not time to hang up the boots yet.

Kevin Austin – Improved slightly, I have a concern over his heart condition and his ability now to take the strain of the game thanks for the service Kevin but its time to go.

Izzy Iriekpen – Needs to learn when to speak out and discipline a radical change at the back is needed and Izzy is part of the change he must go. He has cost us far to many goals this season.


Garry Monk – Not good enough, not strong enough, can’t pass. Bye!

Steve Watt – Never seen him play

Adebayo Akinfenwa – Never seen another player like Bayo. Seen plenty of ‘battering ram’ centre forwards, but none with his close control and ability to play others in. If he’s not scoring goals he’s creating them for others, and is a massive option off the bench. Must keep.

Tom Williams – Disappointed to see Williams go, as he’s a player I thought gave us a lot of options on the left. Roberto has his work cut out replacing him.

Andy Oakes – If it means we get a new keeper to replace Willy then I’m all for it.

Kristian O’Leary – Sadly, release.

Kevin Austin – As above.

Izzy Iriekpen – Wants to be Rio Ferdinand, defends like Archduke Franz. Along with Geuret one of our biggest problems at the back. If only he actually was as good as he thinks he is. Release.


Garry Monk – proven to be not good enough at league 1 – release.

Steve Watt – Unproven and probably not challenging high enough in the CB pecking order – release.

Adebayo Akinfenwa – Without him we lack a physical presence sometimes necessary. Horses for courses player, not a regular. He may also attract a fee if we decide to let go. Sign him up.

Tom Williams – Not too bothered either way, but he’s gone anyway.

Andy Oakes – As good as Gueret – so one at least needs to move on and be replaced, and I think we’re sticking by Willys contract.

Kristian O’Leary – OK if we just want to stay in this division. Not good enough if we have ambition – release.

Kevin Austin – A good servant and a good squad member but over the hill. Give him a 12 month extension if Monk and Watt are released just as squad insurance.

Izzy Iriekpen – Sign him up. We must find a good CB who is worthy of starting and then decide who plays alongside. Izzy will want to leave if he’s not a starter. Wouldn’t want him to leave without a fee.

Some mixed views there but it seems the popular view is to release both Izzy Iriekpen and Garry Monk, and I agree. Monk has struggled with a knee injury all season but last year he was consistently poor and looked out if his depth I thought.

While Izzy Iriekpen can sometimes put in some commanding performances at the back he is far too inconsistent and vulnerable, he is to blame for a lot of goals conceded this season and I think we need better centre backs than him next season.

Regarding Steve Watt, it’s difficult to give a fair judgement on the former Chelsea man. He’s hardly played a game since joining us but some fans would like to see him given a chance.

Kevin Austin who’s now 34 is only really any use as backup and I think he should now be released. He’s too slow and therefore struggles with the pace that the top sides have, and hopefully we’ll be competing at the top next season, so Austin should also go.

Adebayo Akinfenwa also hasn’t played a huge part this season but he can definitely do a job as an impact player, but as pointed out above, he doesn’t really have the fitness and stamina to last a whole season in the first team.

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