Date: 14th September 2018 at 10:30pm
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Ahead of Saturday’s home game against Nottingham Forest, we take a look at the shot assists for and against to see how they compare and if either side have any particular strengths or weaknesses in terms of creating and conceding shots on goal.

Swansea City Shot Assists

The map below shows the passes that lead to a shot on goal (shot assists) and the colour scheme shows the quality of the shot (red being Poor, dark green being Superb).

The majority of the shot assists for the Swans are horizontal passes across the pitch with very few vertical passes coming from deeper positions. We also appear to be busier on the left half of the pitch compared to the right which is hardly surprising as Jefferson Montero and Barrie McKay have both been busy with their chance creation so far this season.

Nottingham Forest Shot Assists

Nottingham Forest’s shot assist map is quite similar to Swansea’s in that the majority of their shot assists are sideways passes and the majority of chances setup from central areas outside of the box result in poor shots on goal (shots from distance). Forest also appear to be busier down their left flank compared to the right.

Swansea City Shot Assists Conceded

In terms of chances conceded, it’s clear to see from looking at the map below that Swansea’s weak link defensively is their left flank. You can see a number of orange passing lines which resulted in “Good” quality shots on goal as well as a few green lines where forward passes have been played into the box resulting in “Very Good” quality shots on goal.

Nottingham Forest Shot Assists Conceded

Looking at Nottingham Forest’s shot assists conceded map, they appear to be more balanced in terms of which half or side of the pitch they concede shot assists.  On the right flank, they’ve conceded shot assists from wider positions – nearer to the touchline. On the right, however, shot assists are much nearer or inside the penalty area.

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