Date: 26th October 2005 at 2:08pm
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Lee Trundle will become the first player outside the Premiership to have control over how his name and image are used – and will receive big financial benefits.

Around 85% of the merchandise sold in the clup shop is in someway related to Lee Trundle and not only with player himself benefit from this deal, the club will as well.

Lee’s agent Neil Sang said: ”Without a doubt it will be good news for the club as well as for Lee,”

”There would be no deal otherwise – no two parties ever agree on something if it only benefits one of them.”

”This just recognises Lee’s stature in football, not only in Swansea but nationally as well.”

Lee Trundle said in his new column with Sky that the deal will include his own clothing range: ”We have now agreed this deal which will include my own clothing range being launched, which is fantastic to say the least.”

He also mentioned Wednesday’s rejected bid: As you will know Sheffield Wednesday made a bid for me, which was substantial, but Swansea rejected this – which is more than fine with me.

Obviously it is nice to know people are taking notice of your work and it proves I am doing a good job, but I am more than confident that I will be in The Championship with Swansea next season.

To hear Kenny Jackett say he wants to build a team around me fills me with immense pride and I am just looking to continue doing my job with Swansea.

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