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Trust Board nominations – Aaron’s pledge to the supporters

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The Swansea City Supporters’ Trust have confirmed the nine nominations for the six vacancies on the Trust Board.

One of those nine is Swansea City fan Aaron O’Shea and we got in touch with Aaron to get more information about him, his views and why Trust members should vote for him.

Firstly, as an introduction, who is Aaron O’Shea?

“Swans fan for 26 years. A ball boy at The Vetch as a kid. Been through the highs and lows with the club.”

And how did you come about being nominated as a potential member of the Trust board?

“I was forward as a nominee to bring about change within The Trust. I believe that the organisation has lost it’s way and needs to be brought back on track.”

And lastly, before we read your trust statement, why should members vote for you?

“My determination and drive coupled with professional experience and successes equips me with the tools to re-build The Trust in to a force to be reckoned with should the members/fans wish that to be the direction. The Trust needs to be relevant again – not just an insurance policy.”

And lastly, your trust statement?

“I am firmly of the viewpoint that the trust must retain its shares in Swansea City Football Club.
Without The Trust holding the current; or any regime to account – they are free to implement any action that could be detrimental to our club. We are duty bound to protect the club.
In recent years The Trust has been less effective at communicating with the very people that we represent – the fans – and I have been a vocal critic of this.
It is imperative that we restore fan confidence and be more effective when communicating with all fans, not just trust members. Non-members are also key stakeholders and there are opportunities for conversion simply through dialogue.
I feel that my own professional experience and successes can add value whilst my determination and enthusiasm can be a driving force for positive changes that are desperately needed within our organisation.
We’re entering an era where the new Club Chairman is communicating and winning fans, there is happiness with the new managerial appointment which is making The Trust become less relevant because fans are becoming happier with club activities.
We must now use this critical time of fan positivity to restore trust in The Trust.  I refrain from sharing an opinion with regards to the potential legal action until more detail is shared and a more informed opinion can be made.
It is vital  that a fan consultation is held on this matter without hesitation so that we can carry out the will of our fans.
Fans need to be made fully aware of all potential outcomes of legal action so that informed votes can be cast. It is one of the most important votes in our short history.”
The full list of nominees are below:

Andrew Cude

Dave Dalton

Sian Davies

Cath Dyer

Andrew Godden

Roger Goodwin

Stuart McDonald

Terry Sinnett

Aaron O’Shea

For more details on how the voting works, please click here for full details on the official Trust website.

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