Date: 22nd December 2017 at 4:30pm
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The Swansea City Supporters’ Alliance has recently been formed with three key aims to get the club run back in the fans’ interests once again.

We’ve enjoyed some great success over the last decade or so, coming up through the Football League and into the Premier League where we’ve now been for 7 consecutive seasons.

So some fans – of the Swans and other clubs – may wonder why are we now looking to get rid of the chairman who played a big role in delivering that success?

‘All great things must come to an end’ – some might say. ‘We were going to get relegated one day!?’ claim others. I can’t argue with that, but for christ sake – we are being run carelessly to say the very least. Just look in the Championship and League One at all the former Premier League clubs who are now struggling to get absolutely anywhere. That’ll be us in the very near-future.

The problems have existed long before the former owners sold their shares in secret to the 27-person American consortium. Michael Laudrup left the club as things started to turn sour between him, his agent and Jenkins, and the latter soon wanted to gain full control – including transfers – which has played a big role in our demise since then, because since then, we’ve been battling against relegation. And like Sunderland, there’s only so many seasons that you can survive relegation before it finally and inevitably happens.

But to document all the wrong-doings by Huw Jenkins and the rest of the board since then would take some time, and I wouldn’t know where to start. Transfers is a big problem like I’ve said, but the way we’re being run doesn’t comply with any of the principles and the philosophy that they had planned out from the start.

There was a constant model, and as players and managers went, players and managers would come in to suit that model. That model has since been forgotten about, with the focus being completely turned to the former owners’ own financial interests. I could go into detail but legally I’d rather not, but simply think of ‘jobs for the boys’ – or ‘money for the boys’ – would be more apt – and you get my drift.

The shambles has got worse and worse as each year has passed since 2014. Garry Monk’s opening season was our best ever of course in terms of League position and points total, but that was to be our last successful season on the pitch, as things went rapidly downhill ever since.

Huw Jenkins took full control, acting as a director of football if you like – and showed his complete incompetence at being able to bring in the right players and run a business.

As the wage bill increased rapidly as we looked to pay high wages and sell on fees rather than transfer fees around that time, Jenkins looked for ways to gain financial investment. Shares were then sold, but seemingly not for the reasons you’d think or have been given via the media. Again, I can’t detail those, but Jenkins had to ensure the share sale went through, and therefore did so without the Supporters’ Trust knowledge, who should have been informed given their own shares in the club.

They weren’t, the sale carelessly went through and we’re now part-owned by an American consortium of 27 investors, who we only recently know about. When I say investors, what I mean is, 27 people who simply contributed money to buy something that they would hope would provide a profit. They haven’t actually invested any money whatsoever in Swansea City Football Club. We still can only spend transfer fee money using money we’ve received from transfers out, so what exactly are they bringing to the table exactly?

There are so many questions to be asked, why weren’t the Trust informed? Why have we sold to a 27-person consortium with no interest or knowledge of running a football club successfully? Why haven’t we learnt from constant mistakes over a 3-year-plus period? Why haven’t we got an established scouting team in place to work with a manager to sign the right players? Why were we happy to make a net transfer profit in the Summer, leaving us severely lacking in Premier League quality for the current season?

I could go on and on but I’d rather talk about the Swansea City Supporters’ Alliance, whose three key aims – as documented on their website here are:

Work hard to increase knowledge among the wider fanbase of Swansea City about the actions of the former shareholders in the sale of the club. We will achieve this by making efforts to publicise information that is already in the public domain but has been largely ignored by both the local and national media.

We will call for the shareholders who sold the club from under the supporters and the privileges currently afforded to them to be removed. This should include boardroom access as well as preferential treatment in ticketing and stadium matters.

We will urge the Supporters` Trust to return to its membership for another vote on the proposal not to take legal action in favour of a partial sale of the Trust`s shares. We are not saying at this point that the original vote should be ignored. However, we feel that recent developments have led to the need for the Trust to consult its members on this issue again, quickly.

Do you support the SCSA’s key aims like we do? Do you want to see chairman Huw Jenkins leave the club as soon as possible?

If you are interested in finding out more about the SCSA or you would like to get involved in activities. please contact us at

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