Date: 12th May 2017 at 6:49pm
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Alan Tate has told Wales Online that Swansea City are ‘100% in the right hands’ with Paul Clement in charge.

Whilst only briefly knowing our two other managers this season – Francesco Guidolin and Bob Bradley, former defender Alan Tate says he’s had more in-depth discussions with our current coach, and he’s more than convinced that we now have the right man in charge.

Tate isn’t one to hold back in interviews and to just say the usual cliches, the 34 year-old insists that every aspect of the club can be improved – something that Clement can help to do.

You get the feeling that Clement can help to implement a long-term plan at the Liberty Stadium – something we’ve been lacking since the departure of Michael Laudrup – who you could say ended a run of high-quality managers at the club.

On Clement, Tate said:

“We’re in the right hands 100%,”

“The manager we have is on the right path, definitely.

“And he’s made sure it’s in our hands, which is all you ever want. Now it’s go and do it because there’s no-one to blame now. Go and beat Sunderland, go and beat West Brom, no-one can affect you. I think they will and then we can look ahead with a manager who has things in place.

“The wrongs that happened at the beginning of the season have been righted and we’re on the right path. But, again, it’s about that mentality. Don’t accept it. Don’t be complacent. Don’t think this manager will settle for it or the same next year, he’ll want to kick on and improve not only the first team but the rest of the club. Everything can be improved.”

Tate also spoke about how he doesn’t miss playing the game, and is now enjoying his youth coaching role at the club:

“And there’s not a bit of me that wishes I was out there on Saturday. I don’t miss it. I left everything on the field when I did and when I finished I couldn’t give any more. I can’t miss it because of that.”

“I love it honestly,”

“I love the day-to-day of it, but also watching these young lads grow and get better, improve technically, improve people and as players.”

One thing that Tate says needs improvement is mentality – something that was so important in his early days at Manchester United, he added:

“What United give you is a mentality where nothing is ever good enough, that you don’t just accept things or be satisfied,”

“That’s got to come before anything because you’ll never want or get the extras, you won’t do the extra sessions, you won’t do more than someone else, you won’t get past League One. The mentality is something you need in kids. Ability is coachable. Mentality is difficult to get into them.”

“It’s getting there,”

“Visually we’re pleasing with what we’ve got, things are in place, but mentality? We need to do better.

“Like, I hate it when people say ‘Look at where we were in 2003’ or ‘Look where we were ten years ago’. Forget that, it doesn’t matter where we’ve come from, that’s gone. It’s a completely different club. It was a completely different club when we moved to the Liberty. A completely different club after Roberto (Martinez) came in and changed things. 2003? We’re not that club.

“It hasn’t been good enough at times, but it’s not my place to say anything,”

“The role I have means I haven’t been in that dressing room, the squad environment. I only knew Francesco (Guidolin) and Bob (Bradley) to say hello to, but this manager I have a good relationship. We’ve spoken quite a bit but you can see anyway he’s the right man.”