Date: 10th March 2009 at 12:48pm
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Swansea City Football Club have reported a £91,761 loss for the end of the 2008 financial year.

That’s a huge difference from 2007, when we had a loss of £647,133.

Considering our raise up into the Championship, it’s an excellent achievement by the club.

Turnover increased by £1.4m from 2007, and expenditure also increased by £900,000.

Expenditure included an investment of £269,000 to create a new training facility at Llandarcy, something we’ve very much needed here.

It was also impressive to hear that no Directors took any remuneration from the club for their services to Swansea City.

An increase in home attendances over the last few years has also helped us a lot. This season, our average of 15,171 to date is 10,000 more than 6 years ago when we were struggling to stay in the Football League.

Since then it’s been on the increase ever since, apart from the 2006/07 season, when we suffered a slight drop from the previous year.

Average home support per season:

2002/03 = 5,160 – 39.8% up on previous year

2003/04 = 6,853 – 32.8% up on previous year

2004/05 = 8,458 – 23.4% up on previous year

2005/06 = 14,112 – 66.9% up on previous year

2006/07 = 12,720 – 9.9% down on previous year

2007/08 = 13,520 – 6% up on previous year

2008/09 = 15, 171 – 13% up on previous year*

*Figures available to date