Date: 3rd February 2019 at 12:05am
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Swansea City chairman Huw Jenkins announced that he had resigned from his position as chairman from the club following the deadline day events that saw Dan James’ transfer to Leeds United break down at the final hour.

It is understood that Jenkins had intervened in proceedings after Jason Levien had agreed terms with the fellow Championship club that they would take the young winger on an initial loan with a small fee before the move would be made permanent in the Summer providing that they achieved promotion to the Premier League.

In doing so, Leeds would then have the money to match Swansea’s asking price for the player.

However, it is also understood that things came to a head on deadline day evening. Huw Jenkins’ involvement whereby he simply refused to communicate with Leeds and process the move was met by anger from the American owners – leading to Jenkins’ resignation 48 hours later – before his likely sacking.

Part of Jenkins’ resignation statement read:

“It has taken me some time to finally come to this decision but the current atmosphere with in the football club on and off the football field saddens me very much and I find it very difficult to fight on in a football club I love but can no longer control.”

It’s difficult to control a club that you no longer have a majority stake in terms of shares. He stayed on as chairman since the sale in the Summer of 2016, but even then you wonder how much control has he really had since then.

Any control he has had seems to have been reduced down to absolutely nothing, remaining at the club in an effort by the Americans to divert all the anger and abuse from the fans his way. That’s not to say he hasn’t deserved it.

After all, his decision to sell to our current owners is why we find ourselves in this position. But now, the abuse and anger from fans and hopefully the media attention that this will bring can now all go towards one sole group – the American owners. Owners who haven’t the first club of how to run a football club. Owners who are prepared to allow players like Dan James to leave and give Graham Potter with next to nothing to work with.

The club’s statement says that it will consult with the Trust in searching for the right person to replace him. We’ll be keen to see what the Trust’s response is to this as well as their updates in terms of whether they have and will actually be consulted during the appointment process.

“The search has begun for a leader of football operations who will work closely with the senior management team and Graham Potter and his backroom staff. This will be a team effort, using the undoubted skill sets needed to run a modern and functioning football club.

That search will be conducted in close co-ordination with the Trust, who have made clear their belief the club needed to change the way it operated specifically in terms of recruitment.”

This line is also key and the one that backs up the credible claims that the resignation was made before being sacked:

“However, it has reached a stage where the way Swansea City has been run on a day-to-day basis has to change.

There can be no disguising the fact recruitment has been extremely disappointing for the past several transfer windows. It has left the club in a weakened position where strong action had to be taken to rectify the situation.”

Despite the fans’ showing their anger towards the former chairman with chants during games, the reaction to his departure appears to be one largely of worry but on the flip side, this can now be seen as finally an opportunity where we all look to try and finally look for a serious resolution to this ever-growing problem we’re in.

The main problem is finding a buyer and getting the owners to sell. They’re currently facing up to a big loss. They bought a club that was valued at around £100m – of which they then sold player assets worth ar0und £45m last Summer. Add relegation to that – a huge reduction in TV money income and the value of the club has dropped massively.

Not to mention the debt that is also at the club according to reports. Who’s willing to take that on? These are all things that now need to be considered as to how we sort out this mess we find the club in.

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