Date: 19th September 2018 at 1:28pm
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There were mixed reactions from Stoke City fans following their 1-0 home win against the Swans on Tuesday night. Some were positive about their team’s winning performance while others were more concerned that they needed an offside goal to beat “Swansea City reserves”.

All of the quotes below are taken from the Oatcake Fanzine Forum here

A lot of the quotes of their own performance were rather negative and to be honest, I agreed with most of them. Considering the players they have available with the likes of Woods and Allen in midfield, they should have done better but despite fielding a very weakened side, we actually looked the better team in the first 45 minutes.

“This is how bad it has become. We are generally just relieved to scrape a win against a depleted team, at home, with a fortunate goal and with another utterly shit performance.It’s getting desperate. Rowett appears to be unable to motivate his players. I am sick of watching w*nk performances week in week out.”

“We played against a team who are performing really well this year. Yes they were under strength, but I think their quality proved on the pitch. We were brilliant, other than 5-10 minutes in each half when they changed their game plan. We got the goal and managed the game.”

“Thought we were a cut above Swansea tonight and should have won by a clearer margin, but very lucky with our goal which was offside. Still happy for 3 points and finally a clean sheet too!”

“First I’d seen of Woods and at half time I said to the bloke next to me that he wasn’t impressing me so far. Second half he was everything we have needed since Whelan and much more besides, he and Etebo are what a squad is built around.”

“Thought it was a very underwhelming performance against a seriously weakened team. Lucky decision on the goal. Still a long way from a coherent, entertaining unit for me.”

“It was a pretty feeble performance again. Swansea have come away from it with far more to be positive about than we have.”

“We were slow and predictable and if we hadn’t been playing a side crippled by injuries then I fear the outcome would have been different. 
If you think the standards we set last night are going to see this team promoted (and nothing else is acceptable) then you are very optimistic.”

That last comment is an interesting one and I did wonder what we could have done if the likes of Fer, Celina and a fully fit McBurnie from the start were available. I felt that we gave a good account of ourselves given the fact that Potter made 7 changes and like he said after the game there were plenty of positives to come out from it – particularly how we were able to play with a number of fringe players involved.

Some of their fans also praised our manager Graham Potter, particularly for his post-match reaction where he responded to the offside goal question simply with “that’s football”. The complete opposite to the likes of Mark Hughes who would have grumbled on and on about the poor call that decided the game.

“Excellent refreshing interview unlike the majority of managers didn’t grumble about our goal. Very positive manager bet his players love him.”

“Nice bloke, got the autographs of the entire squad for someone he recognised , who worked there when he played for Stoke.”

“He impresses me lots of energy in his team , will be a very good manager if he gets the breaks.”

“Should be in our dugout. How he’s got them playing with what he had to work with is remarkable.”

“I like the bloke, credit where credit is due, they looked a tidy side tonight.”

“Great to see a manager run on the pitch to shake hands with opposition players and hug some. A real gent.”

There were also compliments for the travelling Swans fans who made the long trip in midweek:

“I know they were the enemy tonight but i have to say i admired the small number of fans that travelled from Swansea tonight and made so much noise backing their team. Fantastic loyalty from those few and I’ll always what great sports they were on the last day of the season last season. Well done.”

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