Date: 17th May 2016 at 9:30pm
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The end of the 2015/16 season and it’s that time again when we look at how much Premier League clubs benefited to the tune of Sky money.

All the exact specifics aren’t yet in for the past season that saw plenty of surprises – not least Leicester City continuing their turn last year from a team that couldn’t win, to one that now doesn’t seem to know how to lose as they lifted their first top flight title in history – and of course we have other surprises with accepted title contenders just failing to fire often enough.

On what we do know in terms of merit money for final league placing and facility fees for the amount of matches picked for live coverage – well Leicester may have won the title and Newcastle may have been relegated – but neither earned the most or the least across the year.

In the order of which chief executives and owners will be smiling the most at the big fat Sky cheques.

Arsenal – £101million
Manchester City – £96.8million
Manchester United – £96million (if 5th)
Tottenham Hotspur – £95million
Leicester City – £93million
Liverpool – £90.4million
Chelsea – £87.1million
West Ham – £85.6million
Southampton – £84.5million
Everton – £82.9million
Stoke City – £79million
Swansea City – £75.3million
Watford – £74.1million
West Bromwich Albion – £73million
Newcastle United – £72.7million
Crystal Palace – £72.4million
Sunderland – £71.7million
Bournemouth – £70.4million (if 16th)
Norwich City – £66.7million
Aston Villa – £66.2million

At least like the real table, Aston Villa are propping it up again – they’ve found consistency in something!

As said, breakdowns will no doubt be out in the near future, but clubs receive £750,000 per game picked for screening and each place in the table is worth almost £1.25million in the current deal.

As has probably been demonstrated in every season – and it tallies with last year – Sky’s preferred clubs for screening catering to the armchair fan always receive the financial boost, but with how that table lies, clearly form for some clubs not in the ‘traditional list’ was definitely noted and rewarded this year.


Learning that each final position in the Premier League table was worth £1.25m, it proves that there was plenty to play for in the final League games of the season. The Swans did remarkably well to finish in 12th, when 14th or 15th would have been a decent finish given the circumstances. So an extra £2.5m or more by finishing a little higher than expected is always a welcome bonus.

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