Date: 15th March 2015 at 9:35pm
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Swansea City midfielder Jonjo Shelvey revealed that he put his 4-match ban to good use, by improving his fitness as he looks forward to another match against his former club, Liverpool.

Shelvey is often in the limelight, before, during and after games against the Reds for all sorts of different reasons. He’s already scored a couple of own goals, as well as a couple at the other end, and as a result, you often wonder what sort of ‘Shelvey Show’ you might expect when we face Liverpool.

The midfielder was not shy and lacking attention after and during the last game at Anfield either.

His 4-match ban came after the FA took retrospective action after he made contact with Emre Can during the 4-1 defeat at Anfield at the end of last year.

The 22 year-old revealed to the Mirror this week that he put the time off to good use, after realising that he was carrying extra weight – something he admitted that he should have sorted out in pre-season.

Garry Monk openly criticised the player for being lazy and lacking the right discipline. The manager is often forced to bring him off in games either due to a lack of fitness or his tendency to pick up a booking – sometimes it’s a case of both.

Shelvey said:

“Some people are born with a naturally great body but I`m one of those who has to watch what they eat.

“While I was serving my ban [in January] I really noticed that I was carrying a bit of weight.

“The ban allowed me time to work on my fitness and get myself up to speed which, if I`m honest, I should have been earlier in the season. But for some reason, I wasn`t.

“Not playing gave me the space I needed and now I feel a lot fitter and I`m not picking up silly bookings. I just want to kick on from here.”

It wouldn’t be unfair to call Shelvey lazy, and it’s a big part of his game that needs to improve. It’s not the sort of attribute that makes a great holding midfielder, which is why he’s been pushed into a more advanced role as a result.

His tracking back is often lacking, and in recent games, captain Ashley Williams has verbally criticised the player during a match for poor tracking back that has led to the defence being put under avoidable pressure.

Shelvey is one of those unpredictable players, some fans might associate him with the marmite metaphor – in that you either love him or hate him. He can produce moments of sheer brilliance, the goal at home against Aston Villa last season is a great example of that – when he scored from just inside the opposition’s half – on the volley. But his suspensions and laziness are still a great concern that lingers over him.

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