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Paterson ‘hasn’t been fined’ confirms Swansea City boss

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Swansea City boss Russell Martin has confirmed that attacking midfielder Jamie Paterson ‘hasn’t been fined’ after talking about his current situation during his post-match press conference after the 1-0 home defeat to Luton Town on Tuesday night.

Martin also spoke about the club’s owners and their support for him during the transfer window and said that he believed they supported him as much as they could. Therefore it doesn’t sound like there’s an issues there despite fans claiming otherwise.

Back to the Paterson situation, there have been a lot of mistruths shared over the last few weeks about Jamie Paterson. Martin denied reports that he was refusing to play and confirmed that he had not been fined by the club.

“He hasn’t been fined. He’s been mentally and physically not feeling well. I’m not going to fine someone for that, I don’t blame him for it one bit,” added Martin.

“I have been disappointed by it, I have been hurt by it, but he’s back and hopefully he will be back quickly.

“He needs some time to get back up to speed. He hasn’t been well, he’s not been the same guy at all.

“He’s a big character and we’ve seen that slowly eroding.

“He’s been where he was in the summer, in a really bad place. Which many footballers and they don’t want to talk about when they are out of contract or feel they have been let down or there is a lack of trust. I don’t judge him for that and no one should.”

Martin was keen to get the truth out there and back his player once again.

“He’s still not in a brilliant place mentally. He’s never refused to play. He’s not been in the right frame of mind to play.

“He didn’t want to do his team mates an injustice. He was in the same place in the summer when he didn’t have a club.

You can watch the full press conference below.

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