Date: 9th May 2016 at 8:39pm
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Swansea City chairman Huw Jenkins has praised Francesco Guidolin – but there’s still plenty of doubt over the Italian’s future despite guiding the team up to 11th.

You have to wonder what else he has to do to convince the club that he’s more than capable of taking the team further next season. If a striker came in in January – scored a hatful of goals there’d be no way we’d allow him to leave on a free in the Summer.

Yet, Guidolin, has taken us from being just a point ahead of the bottom 3 in January, to going up to 11th following Saturday’s emphatic 4-1 win at West Ham United – a team that hadn’t lost at home since August – and were looking to get into the Champions’ League qualifying places.

As many of our regular readers will know, I’ve been a Guidolin supporter since he first arrived. I admit, I had my first doubts about him after the Leicester performance – but the poor start – with gifted goals – meant there was no way back for us against the Champions.

If we played like we did against West Ham – who knows what would have happened.

Some fans have been put off Guidolin staying because of the boring, negative but effective (in terms of points won) football he adopted earlier in his reign. It was understandable – we’ve been used to more of the football we saw on Saturday. There was a lack of improvement on the pitch, but you’ve got to be realistic given the circumstances. A team very low on confidence, that were already playing in a conservative diamond formation that was mostly interested in trying to keep clean sheets rather than attack the opposition’s final third and take risks.

It’s taken time, but Guidolin has finally got the team out of these habits. Guaranteed safety has helped, and thankfully we’re not beginning to see the attacking and positive football that Guidolin has always preferred.

It’s no surprise then that majority of fans are now beginning to like the idea of the Italian staying on next year. They certainly made their feelings known on Saturday as the likes of Ki and Gomis added to Swansea’s brilliant first half score.

Guidolin’s personality and character is also appealing. His efforts to try and learn the English language and give press conferences in English have been impressive. He doesn’t lack desire nor ambition and he has expressed more than once how keen he is to stay at the club.

Many clubs would have secured his services by now I’m sure. I’d go as far as saying that it’s a no brainer now – the West Ham game going a long way to convince me. It wasn’t a weakened West Ham side, like Chelsea or Liverpool were – it was a full strength top 5 side that hadn’t lost almost all season at home. It was a big test, and considering the Swans were without some key players – most notably Ashley Williams and Gylfi Sigurdsson – it was all the more impressive.

The likes of Modou Barrow, Jordi Amat and Stephen Kingsley shone through and proved that they could play a bigger role next season. Guidolin has got the best out of them and shown that the team does need a bit of a shake up.

Talking to the press, chairman Huw Jenkins said that the management situation will be talked about in Wednesday’s monthly board meeting.

‘He has brought exactly what he thought he would bring to us,’

‘He has adjusted in his time here ? he has got to know the squad and got used to the Premier League.

‘He has brought in a bit of common sense and a bit of simplicity, as well as experience.

‘I don’t think those simple things are highlighted enough in the modern world of football.

‘Sometimes other things are given too much prominence and some over-analysing goes on.’

‘We are talking things through this week and we will give out a further update when we can,’

‘It could be this week or it could be next week when a decision is made.

‘There’s lots to talk through.

‘We have got our normal monthly board meeting on Wednesday and yes, we will be discussing the managerial situation.

‘We will talk about the season we have had, where we have finished and what we feel we need in the summer.’

Praise it may be for Guidolin but it’s not to say that he’ll get the job. You can’t ignore the fact that Huw Jenkins has his own ideas and former manager Brendan Rodgers is very much a wanted man again. Some reports say that there are board members who have been impressed with Guidolin after recent weeks, while there’s rumours to suggest that the players are keen too – but it might not be enough to see him land the job.

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