Date: 28th July 2018 at 8:03pm
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Prior to our final pre-season friendly against Freiburg on Friday, we asked our Twitter followers how they were feeling ahead of the new Championship season and it’s fair to say that the majority of fans are not exactly filled with confidence.

You can hardly blame them either. Manager Graham Potter has admitted that we’ve signed 1 senior player in Joel Asoro, with Yan Dhanda and Jordi Govea drafted into the under-23s setup, although given his Summer performances since his free move from Liverpool, you wouldn’t expect him to be playing with the youngsters for long – if at all.

After 281 votes in the Twitter poll below, the vast majority believe we’ll consolidate in around mid-table, or do worse and finish in the bottom half, with 12% believing that we’re doomed!

Considering the current state of our squad and the lack of signings, finishing in the bottom half but above the relegation zone would be an acceptable return in Graham Potter’s first season as Swansea City manager.

Such is the lack of confidence in the squad that some fans have discussed today how the club must stick by their man, even if the worst happens and we “do a Sunderland”.

A lot of the discussion we’ve seen has been about our chairman Huw Jenkins yet again. We’ve all recognised the need for a rebuild job this Summer but all we’ve seen really so far is players leaving.  Hopefully, that will change before August 9th but not many of us are overly confident about that happening.

‘A very risky and foolish move, but that fits in with their actions over the last few years.’

And whilst you cannot take too much notice of pre-season friendlies, it’s quite clear that the squad is lacking quality and so far we’ve received roughly £16-17m following the departures of Lucasz Fabianski (~£6m), Roque Mesa (~£6m), Kyle Bartley (~£4m) and Andre Ayew (£1m loan fee) but have only spent £2m on Joel Asoro.

I realise that the wage bill does need to be reduced significantly given our reduced TV income, but we’ve been slow in both selling players – raising money and rebuilding the squad with new recruits. You start to get the feeling that quite possibly our owners were hoping that Graham Potter can squeeze everything out of a limited squad in the Championship and get them over-performing like his Ostersund side did for so many years. A very risky and foolish move, but that fits in with their actions over the last few years.

There are 6 days to go until we travel to Sheffield United for the season opener and Potter says he’s hoping to “do some business” after watching his side lose another Summer Tour friendly.

“We hope to do business. That’s clear and that’s something we want to do,”

“The players need support from us to try to help them play better and enjoy their football.

“If we can add bodies to the group, I think that’s what everybody would like to see. That’s a process that’s ongoing and we are doing our best.”Graham Potter

Talking about potential signings this week and before the transfer window closes on August 9th (31st for loans), journalist Alan Nixon says one signing is on the way, with a second possibly:

Let’s hope he’s as accurate with this as he was with Asoro and Jordi Govea stories.

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10 Replies to “How Swansea City Fans Are Feeling Ahead of New Season Opener – Majority Aren’t Confident”

  • We are selling our best players and not replacing them you’ve only got to see how burnley did it when they got relegated a few seasons ago they kept the majority of their players and got straight back up. Unfortunately the board seem to only think of the money we have recouped at least 17 million not including maw son money plus parachute payment and we are no nearer signing anybody significant really bad state of affairs

  • I have woken up to whats going on here, we are being mugged off.
    The Americans are asset stripping in my opinion … its there for all to see… look at the value of sales in the transfer market since they arrived, compare that to what they have spent on players… their lining their greedy pockets with millions as our club sinks,
    I think their only interest in our club is to bleed as much money as poss …..disgraceful …. these Americans love sport ? They love profit more
    Give them a baraclava each, stand and deliver !

    Another disgrace in my opinion is H J. He said he was going if we were relegated… still there taking the micky ……and the cash !

    I feel deeply sorry for Potter who will be fed excuse after excuse for not being backed with adaquate funds.
    Rant over STID
    Full support to Potter and the players for the season ahead .

  • I like Danda and Asoro. If the American owners were looking to raid the club for funds, Fede, Alfie, Bony, Clucas, and Jordan would be gone already. Do I have confidence in the American ownership, not really. Would I like to see more movement, yup. Do I think the team will do well this year the way things stand currently? No. Do I think Potter can get the team energized and playing attractive football? Yes, within reason. 2 years ago, the attacking approach was Gylfie on freekicks or crosses to Llorente. Not attractive. The patchwork signings last year didn’t work.

  • We over paid for so called stars in the past and where did that get us, it’s time to get rid of the mistakes made by previous managers and the board, and given time and money this manager might be the the one who can turn things around,so everybody needs to calm down and see what happens. You can’t build a new team with new ideas over night; have a little patients .

  • Theway the club as been run is an absolute disgrace,The only wage that should be cut is that of hugh jenkins,get rid of the slimmy bastard and most of the loyal supporters would be satisfied at least we would see the club attempting to go in the right direction.As for the owners who have done nothing to help our club but have used us to back up their moey making concerns in USA why dont they just sell up and go into buisness with Tony Petty they are well suited, And while they are at take HJ with them.END OF RANT STID come on potter mate Show us what you and your staff can do Cmon the swans

  • We should think positively, back Potter and our Swans.
    A ball has not been kicked yet in the new season so how can we measure what our team will do.
    Come on you Swans

  • Was always going to be hard this season, my biggest disappointment was seeing bartley go, started last season ok until the injury but proven in the championship..(Mark my words will be the best centre half in the championship) he scores goals but more so he is a leader and we’ve not got one of those..he would have been like a new signing in himself, just like mcburnie being a new signing…don’t think things are that bad so a season of consolidation was all I was expecting…west Brom and stoke are all guns blazing to go straight back up but Leeds, Birmingham, derby and Forrest at least are going to be pushing too…if the big spenders fail it’s going to be hard next year with the ffp rules…Swansea were awful to watch most of last year so a mid table finish, balanced books and some good football will be a good season for me next year

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