Date: 28th November 2007 at 9:32pm
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Sean Bravery the Chairman of Horsham Independent Supporters Club takes up the hot seat as he gives us a Hornets fans Point of view of the FA Cup 2nd round this coming Friday.

How Long have you been a Horsham FC supporter?

“I went to my first ever Horsham FC game in the mid 80s, so have been a fan for over 20 years. Over that time I have served the club as a committee member and for the last 4 and a half years have been the Chairman of the Supporters Club.”

The 4-1 win vs Maidenhead was comprehensive do you feel that the club can produce a giant killing of Swansea City fc?

“The 4-1 win against Maidenhead was maybe a little flattering considering two of our goals came late on. However at no stage did I see Maidenhead pulling level. I would like to think that the team are able to put in a professional performance, as for can we produce a giant killing, I guess only time will tell. The conditions may favour us, the Swansea players may not fancy it, but the lure of a 3rd Round tie against a possible big team will be incentive enough for both sides to put in a performance to remember. Can we win ? Yes of course we can, will we – I hope so.”

Who is the player that Swansea should be looking out for? ?

“There is not one individual player who stands out for me in the Horsham line up. We are blessed with a lot of quality, but also, and more importantly a wonderful team mentality. Nigel Brake and Lee Carney caught the eye in the last round, but right through from 1-11 we were excellent. I am sure Swansea will be focusing on their job and not worrying about our star players.”

Do you feel the £75.000 from the FA Broadcast fund will be properly spent ?

“I know for sure the £75,000 we will receive from the FA Broadcast will be spent well. We are a small club in terms of numbers working behind the scenes. We have no sugar daddy’s or people bankrolling the club. We have honest individuals who have the clubs interests at heart. We are also about to leave our wonderful home, Queen Street, and will spend a unspecified time ground-sharing as we wait for our new ground to be approved. Any funds that help us in this will be fantastic, it will also be nice to think the manager will benefit from some money to help the squad. We have a small first team squad of around 16-18 and have had a couple of players leaving for odd reasons recently. You would think an FA Cup run would be of interest to non-league players !! Sadly money talks.”

The game will be one of the biggest games in the clubs history what was the feeling amongst supporters following the draw for the 2nd round?

“Without any shadow of doubt the game on the 30th will be the biggest in our history. We have never made it past the 1st Round before, indeed only getting that far 3 times including this year. The feeling is hard to describe, disbelief, surrealism, joy – every possible emotion has been felt. However on Sunday when the draw was made the clubhouse was buzzing. There were as many in their for the draw as most match days. To get a ‘proper’ team is what we dreamed of. The manager wanted one of the big three who he defined as Notts F, Leeds or Swansea – he is happy, we are ecstatic. I just wish Trundle was still there.”

Is there anything essential a away fan should know i.e places to stay , pubs and amenities.?

“Any away fan wanting to travel to Horsham and stay over needs to book quickly as we are not blessed with many hotels. There is a travelodge in the town as well as hotels in the surrounding areas. With Gatwick being only 15 or so miles away there are plenty of places to stay near there. You could even stay in Crawley if desperate.For a pre-match drink. I would recommend a quiet pint or two in the Stout House which is in the carfax in the centre of town. There are plenty of watering holes between here and the ground. Anyone needing a bite to eat could take advantage of the number of quality restaurants in the town centre, from Thai to Indian, Chinese to Italian and even good old English – you will not go without.”

Any other thoughts about the game?

“My thoughts on the game are pretty confused at the moment, I have been so busy talking to the press and other agencies that I have not had time to consider what is actually happening to my club. I just hope we do ourselves proud as a team, a club and a town on the 30th as the world’s media takes its time to allow us our 15 minutes of fame. It must be odd for a team who have finished 2nd in League One a couple of decades ago to comprehend just how excited a town can get over a 2nd FA Cup Round match – but believe me we are. We all hope you find our hospitality to the highest order before and after the match, but hope you find things difficult on the pitch. Here’s to a good game, a wonderful atmosphere and a tv spectacle that makes both sets of supporters proud.”

Many thanks to Sean for taking up the hot seat.