Date: 7th December 2007 at 8:41pm
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After Horsham secured a shock 2nd Round replay thanks to a 85th minute penalty by Lewis Taylor the Sussex club earned themselves a trip west to The Liberty Stadium.

Sean Bravery the Chairman of Horsham Independent Supporters Club and users of Hornets Review give us a Hornets fans Point Of View as the Ryaman’s Premier division side gear up for the biggest game in their history.

What were your feelings following the 1-1 draw against Swansea?

” The first feeling following the 1-1 draw with Swansea was, ‘Will I ever feel dry again ? I have never stood, willingly, for 3 hours + is such awful conditions, but once the wet clothes were in a heap on the floor the true scale of our achievement was beginning to be realised. Swansea showed in bits just what a good team they are, we rode our luck when the ball hit the bar and Paul Seuke was immense. However I felt we really stuck to our game plan, earned the penalty and thoroughly deserved the draw.”

The conditions were poor on Friday , our manager Martinez had critised both Sky Sports and Referee kevin freind for allowing the match to go ahead was that a fair assessment?

“It was wet, I will give Mr Martinez that, but the ball was not sticking as such. I am pretty sure that had the Swans held onto their lead then Mr Martinez would not have had a thing to say. I think he knows he did not get things 100% right on the night and was looking for a scapegoat.”

With a dream replay do you think Horsham can cause an upset at the Libery Stadium?

“I do think that the pitch at the Liberty Stadium will suit us more than the pitch we had to cope with on Friday night. We are a passing side and will relish the opportunity to perform at your wonderful home. I would think it will take something quite extraordinary for us to win, but hey – who knows. I would not have given Hereford a chance when they faced Leeds away in a replay, but they achieved a win, so why can’t we.”

Are your members looking forward to coming to Swansea?

“The replay has been the talk of the town, people are frantically getting time off work to make sure they are able to be part of history as far as Horsham FC is concerned. The stumbling block was, of course, getting Tuesday agreed as holiday, only to find out we all had to return to our bosses with our caps in hand to get the Monday off. “

How many supporters do you think will be making the journey from Sussex?

‘There will not be the 2500 we had a Queen Street, that is for sure. I think the first target was to make sure we had more fans away than the Swans brought to Horsham. I would say anything around 500 would be a good show. We just need to be loud and proud on the night, whatever the score.’

If Horsham overcome Swansea a tie against Havant and Waterlooville is the reward dd you see that as a winnable tie ?

‘It is fair to say that being drawn in the FA Cup 3rd Round to Havant and Waterlooville is very disappointing. With every respect to them, we wanted someone half decent. But, if and its quite a hefty if, but if we can upset the odds and come away from Wales victorious then of course we would consider ourselves able to beat Havant. But I think it would be unwise to look ahead, everyone has a job to do at the Liberty Stadium and that is our first mission.”

Any other thoughts about the game?

‘I am still in a dreamland and have been since we went 3-0 up against Chippenham all those weeks ago. The days, hours have simply flown by and I am determined, along with my fellow Hornets, to enjoy every second of this FA cup dream. We did the town proud on Friday and the watching millions will get another chance to watch the yellow and greens in action again. I am also looking forward to hearing the Swans sing as they were very quiet at our ground, but I guess with an extra 10,000 in position things will be very different come Monday.

I asked members on Hornets Review if they thought Horsham Town have any chance in downing the Swans come Monday evening and here are some of their responses.

Bald Bloke insists that the players will need to keep their cool if they are to get a result he said ‘If we keep our heads and do not let ourselves be frightened by the big stage, we are capable of anything.’

Matt thinks that the conditions will suit the hornets passing game

“Of course we can get a result, anything is possible in football. I seriously believe that your pitch will benefit us as much as you because we have an excellent passing team who also struggled in the conditions from last Friday.”

“If the players give it their all and they have that bit of luck that all teams in our position require then it is possible we could cause an upset.”

Big Hairy goat insists that the tie is winnable but it will be a difficult task facing John Maggs’s side.He said “TBH we have an extremely difficult task going to the Liberty Stadium. That said, I think some of the things which Swans fans feel are of benefit to them are actually good for HFC too – excellent playing surface should help our passing game, the bigger pitch causes no worries as we like to get the ball wide and attack down the wings.I travel with hope rather than confidence, just want a good day out. The result isn’t really that important any more – we’ve experienced the club’s greatest ever cup run.”

Uppmarket Hornet added “I believe Maggs summed it up aptly when he said the tie was winnable.” and Sarf said ‘the width of the pitch scares me to hell.”

Finally General Francos Starfish adds ‘The pitch is huge, the stadium is better than any of us have ever experienced..anything is possible. There are so many cliches that come out about the FA Cup so I won’t bother repeating them here but you just never know.”

I think, as with the first game, if we can keep it tight until half time our passing game will give us a chance in the second half. We may run out of steam but I feel strongly that we will give them a right old match.”

Thank you all for your views.

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