Date: 30th October 2013 at 9:38pm
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Vital Swansea Message Forum members have questioned whether or not Michael Laudrup’s continuous squad rotation has affected the club’s form this season.

The Swans sit pretty decent in 9th place – the position where they finished last year, but they could have picked up extra points here and there along the way.

Following their qualification into the Europa League this season, Laudrup’s squad have an extra demand of games that has seen them playing up to three games in the space of 8 days, so you can expect the Swansea boss to make changes to ensure players are fresh and as free of injuries and knocks as possible.

However, some fans are questioning whether Laudrup is making too many changes to the team too often, to compensate for midweek Europa League games before the weekend match in the Premier League.

bohana34 believes our problems on the pitch are solely down to squad rotation:

I genuinely believe the problems we have at the moment is down to lack of playing time together. Can someone please tell me what is the longest run we have had this season without an unchanged squad? It must be frustrating for the players and I don’t buy into this crap that players need to be rested. In my opinion, the strongest 11 should always start. I would rather see stronger players substituted after a run out in a game rather than coming on late into a game when it might be a lost cause by then.

ML needs to pick a squad next week that will travel to Russia and the same squad will face Cardiff. That squad should be the strongest starting 11 in all positions.

I know some of you will counter the argument about the extra Thursday night game, but at the moment we are winning ugly, or drawing ugly, and we need consistency.

Out of interest, Spurs have made a total of 9 changes in all competitions this season from game to game. This has done no harm to them. I’m sure our changes will be much higher hence the positive correlation of lots of changes = poor results.

We are not a world class club like Chelsea and Utd, and they have the depth to easily field two superior teams. We can’t do this and ML needs to keep to one team.

ottawa_swan was in full agreement, responding:

Absolutely with you on this bohana! I was going to start a thread today on exactly this point myself.

I watched Southampton on Saturday and they were brilliant AS A TEAM: one touch accurate passing, pressing high then dropping back in an organized line, everyone seemed to know exactly where everyone else was and would be. They reminded me of what we looked like for the first two thirds of last season. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they have seven players who have played every one of their games. These players have become so familiar with each other that they don’t even have to think about where to put the ball.

We have been chopping and changing the side so much that no one can get used to how their team mates move and play. This is nowhere more obvious than up front. Vazquez was unpredictable yesterday and you could see so many movements that broke down because the pass went to where Michu, etc thought he was going to be but he wasn’t there. There is some of this with Pozuelo as well. Hence we see our trademark tica taqua passing game working in only short spurts, mostly in the second half when players have finally got into a rhythm, and the rest of the time we look average with too many give-aways and not enough penetration.

Lets settle on a first team, start with them each game and use the rest of the squad as substitutes to come on when players get injured or visibly tire.

justajack added that it is difficult to avoid squad rotation in our position:

When it comes down to our midfielders we are just about equipped enough to field two individual midfields with Britton, Canas,Pablo,Dyer,Routledge,Pozuelo,Shelvey,Michu,de Guzman,Lamah,but I think we are going to have to accept that player rotation is unavoidable being our games program is what it is.

Don’t think moving Ben Davies into the midfield would be out of the question he’s at his best in the final third.

ottawa_swan believes we won’t kick on from last year’s position if we continue our current suad rotation trends:

Southampton serves as the counter example with seven players playing every league game of their season so far. We have to allow eleven of our players the chance to get to know each other so well that passing into space is smooth, automatic and always finds a team-mate. Like it was for much of the early part of the season last year. That just isn’t there this year, and it’s starting to worry me that we’re going to just ‘get by’ in the League this year rather than kick on from last year’s top ten finish. We were tipped as a possible top six team by Jamie Redknap on Sky at the start of the season but I just don’t see that at the moment, even though we now have Ash back in the defense.

bohana34 added further to the debate and believes a core of 8 players should play regularly for some ‘stability’:

A minimum of 8 players need to be playing week in week out and substituted in matches rather than ‘rested’.

Do you agree that squad rotation is to blame for some of our poor performances this season?


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