Date: 1st June 2006 at 2:12pm
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‘Jackman2006’ is the third person to send in answers to our final Fan Interview of the season.

1. So we lost in the play-off final this season, how has this season rated with others in recent memory? Could you call it a success considering where we were just a few years ago?

What an unbelievable season…people saying we have failed and that we are not a good side because Barnsley beat us is a credit….everybody’s expectations have risen due to rapid success!! We only have to look back to our 4-2 win against Hull to look at where we could be!!

2. Some fans have criticised Jackett throughout the season (mostly post Christmas time). Can you understand some fans frustration or is criticism harsh and undeserved?

Yes… I can understand frustrations in the sense that Jackett said we were good enough to get promoted automatically…when you raise expectations some people feel you must produce…but what a fantastic job he has done over the season!!

3. We showed at the start of the season that we had a squad good enough to go up automatically but we ended up finishing 6th, what areas of the squad do you think needs to be strengthened in order to gain automatic promotion next season?

Something different in centre midfield who can create from nothing…allowing Robinson to break free…competition for places at Right Back…another ‘Keeper to challenge Willy…also get Keith Lowe back if possible and that would be it for me!!

4. On the flip side then, who do you think we should release this summer and why?

Martinez – I think his form is inconsistent…he has great spells but then his influence is un-noticeable at times…good player and great servant and hero but I feel there are better players out there if we are to reach promotion…

Austin – Not a fan… I feel he is to slow for the pace of the game…concedes needless stupid free-kicks and will have a good match but can still make a big mistake!!
Forbes – Great effort but I feel you need more than that at this level!!

5. What have been your best moments of the 2005/06 season?

7-1 against Bristol…5-1 Chesterfield…2-1 Southend…2-0 Brentford in play-off…1-0 Tranmere…Play-off final was a great match and just didn’t go our way…Wrexham and who can forget the League Trophy Final!!

6. Some fans have said that we’d be better prepared going into the Championship the season after next as to going up this year? What are your views on this?

I think we were prepared for the 2005/2006 season but just didn’t happen…I think 2006/2007 there is no reason we can’t go up and do well in a higher division!!

7. Who in your opinion was Kenny Jackett’s best and most important signing of the season?

Owain Tudor Jones – fantastic season and great future ahead of him!!

8. What do you think was the reason for our decline and significant drop in form at the turn of the year? Did Jackett’s January signing’s affect our rhythym and consistency of our starting team and style or was it something else?

Hard to put a finger on it…new signings suffered injuries so they struggled to make an impact…losing Trundle which lost so much of our rhythym…lack of concentration by the players by making silly errors…we were playing in other competitions…at stages this season we produced tired performances!! Also losing Tudor Jones!!

9. It was quite a surprise to see doing well right from the start, what was your prediction for this season and did you believe we’d maintain our form to go up or did you think we’d begin to drop down the table slightly like we did?

I was expecting us to finish in the top two but Swansea seem to have a habit of sliding after Christmas…I think we would have learnt our lesson for next year and start grinding out results!!

10. Who did you vote as your player of the season and why?

Robinson – His effort over the season was great to watch…a player might lack quality but would be a favourite if you could see he was giving 110% week in – week out…but Robinson didn’t lack quality and scored very good vital goals for us aswell…very upsetting to hear about other problems in his life and lets hope everything is OK next season and he can concentrate just on his football once again!!

11. I have mixed feelings about next season, I think we can bounce back and gain automatic promotion but another side of me believes we won’t even manage to get into the play-offs, what are your views on this?

I think lessons will be learned and we’ll be stronger next year…with Bristol City and Forest on form and a couple of other suprise packages doing well it’ll be tight but I think we’ll be up automatically…as Champions!!


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