Date: 13th May 2018 at 6:29pm
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In his post match press conference after a 2-1 home loss against relegated side Stoke City at home, Swansea City head coach Carlos Carvalhal revealed that the American owners have “asked him about his availability to remain at the club”.

Not surprisingly, Swansea fans flooded in on Twitter with their disapproval of the news, as it’s crystal clear that the vast majority of supporters don’t want Carvalhal to stay as manager in the Championship next season.

In a recent Twitter poll that received almost 800 votes, fans were very much in favour of not keeping Carvalhal on as manager next season.

It was reported earlier this week that he would indeed be leaving the club, but Carvalhal at least would have us believe that that might necessarily not be the case, having claimed after today’s defeat against Stoke that the club’s owners have asked about his availability to stay:

However, that conflicts with what Riath has tweeted below, a Daily Mail journalist who believes there’s “no chance of him staying”.

But if there’s no chance of him staying, why ask him about his availability for next season? Carvalhal also said during the press conference that he will sit down with his family to consider his future, with more talks with the club expected on Monday.

“I’m only here for four months, so I can’t talk about the structure of the club. I’m not the best person to talk about that.

“I talked with the owners yesterday. We will talk again on Monday. I will think about Swansea and myself. I must talk with my family. After that I will make the right decision about my future.

“I know the Championship and reached the play-offs twice. It’s not common for a team to reach the play-offs two years in a row. In this moment, I must breathe. Afterwards, I will think about that.” Carlos Carvalhal

Shifting the focus and blame on our early season form for relegation after the Stoke defeat also hasn’t gone down well with fans – Carvalhal also said:

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8 Replies to “Fans Not Happy As Carvalhal Says Americans Have Asked About His Availability To Stay”

  • 100% no to Carvahal staying. HIs negative tactics sent us down after a promising start. He bottled t.

  • He bottled it again to day , not all his fault we be drifting for three years God knows how we got away with it ,, what about the £27 million players we have in spain that concerns me .

  • Nah mate it was your fault too, the job you were given was to keep us up not to improve form temporarily. Off you trot Mr I’m not a fan of statistics but I will use them to try to shift blame. You weren’t good enough the team wasn’t good enough, and the board of directors weren’t good enough. Back to the championship for us and I’m happy about it if it means a rebuild from TOP TO BOTTOM

    • It was the same today with his statistics. He had them ready after a game, says a lot. Unfair to blame relegation on Clement’s form, yes it was bad but we threw it away, form dropped off and he never found a way to get us back to how we were when he first came in. Didn’t have the balls to switch from a back 5 also cost us.

  • If he wanted to keep job why didn’t he select best team today.Routeledge and Dyer have been finished for years.Last time Routeledge played well Laudrup was manager

    • Exactly, glad we went to a back 4 again but the team selection was strange again, looked more like a testimonial side. Rangel, Dyer and Routledge all here when we first went up 7 years ago, and 4 if you include Britton.

  • He talks about doing the best for himself, how much does that tell us about the man. Has he a passion for the club? I don’t think so. He goes on about taking Sheff Wed. to 2 playoffs but if you talk to any Wednesday fan they will tell you he became defensive and cautious when the chips were down. I don’t think he’s got the bottle, we now need a young manager who can stamp his style on this club. It may take a few years to get there but let’s get strong again, a quick fix will get us nowhere. So I say NO to Carvahal.

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