Date: 16th June 2009 at 11:35am
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The Fan Interviews are back as we ask our readers questions on the latest topics on the Swans. The main one is the current manager situation at the club. Your views on Martinez’s departure plus you want as his replacement.

The first to answer our questions is Richard Jones (deaframbo):

What’s your name and how long have you been a fan?

Richard Jones aka Deaframbo. Been a fan for as long as I can remember about 40 years.

First things first, Roberto Martinez’s decision to leave and join Wigan. What are your thoughts on this? The vast majority have lost respect for the man we thought loved this club, have you? Or do you wish him all the best at the JJB Stadium?

I wish him all the best and I am prepared to forget him and move on. I had the utmost repect for the man but not any more.

Do you think Martinez will be successful in the Premiership with Wigan like he has been with the Swans?

No, because he is a rookie in the Premiership and Wigan has not got bags of money.

Who would you like to see (realistically) replace Martinez as our new manager? Would you be happy if we appointed someone who lacks experience such as Gary Speed or would you prefer a more experienced boss?

Gus Poyet because he knows the continential way to play football.

Not only have the Swans lost Roberto Martinez, but the rest of the managerial staff. How much of a loss do you think this will be for us? Or do you think it was inevitable and the new manager would prefer his own staff anyway?

I would think the new manager would prefer his own staff. That must be the basis why Dave Whelan is refusing to pay any compensation for our backroom staff. We would have to start all over again and build up from there. Time will tell if they will be missed.

Referring back to last season in the Championship, who in your opinion were our best and star performers for the year?

All of them but our midfield players are the envy of all clubs in the Championship.

Martinez is now likely to target a few of our players to take with him to Wigan. What are our most important assets of the squad, would you be happy if we sold some our best players at a fair price, or should we hang onto them regardless of the millions we might get offered?

If we were offered millions we should sell them. I remember in about 1980 a club came in and offered lot of money for David Giles. Toshack turned it down flat and few months later Giles’ form dipped and he never regained his place in the team.

Has your confidence about next season dropped since Martinez left? Or are still upbeat that we can have a good year under a new manager? What are your expectations for next season?

It is about Swansea City FC and not Martinez. SCFC gave him his break in management and will continue to do the same with right people.

SCFC were in the lower divisions due to mis-management financially and now we are back in the Championship and as long as the finances are properly managed we will (I hope not) never go back down to lower divisions. You see teams like Norwich, Leicester, Leeds and Southampton down there because of that.

You could hardly fault Martinez during his time here as manager but what changes would you like the new manager to impose? What weaknesses in the team should he look to improve on?

Defence and defending from set pieces, mental strength to finish teams off.

What matches are you mostly looking forward to next season?

Cardiff, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, all of them!

How many further signings do you think we need to make to prepare the squad for next season?

Centre back and if Rangel goes, Right Back and Goalkeeper.

Lastly, where will we finish next year?

I said last year we will be in and around the top six so I am saying it again!

Thanks to Richard for answering our questions. If you would like to share your views and have your answers shown on the website. You can either email your answers to, simply copy and paste the above and replace the answers with your own, or post them in the forum thread here