Date: 17th February 2007 at 6:18pm
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Vital Swansea member ‘swansea_till_i_die’ answers our questions in our Fans Interviews feature.

1. The January transfer window is now closed, how do you think Jackett did with the signings he brought in? (Duffy (loan), Craney, Painter)

I would have liked to have seen a bit more activity, a few more players in as well as going the other way but it hasn`t happened and I am quite disappointed.

Duffy has looked useless since he`s been back but I don`t think he`s been all to blame, I think the way Jackett has been using him hasn`t helped.

I don`t think signing Craney permanently was a good idea, he hasn`t been the wonder kid everyone said he was during his time here so far but that could change and I would like to see it from him but i can`t see it happening.

As for Pav(Abbott) and Painter I think there will be good things to come from these two. Painter is still young and as he has shown he has a lot of potential. Even though hes been injured quite a lot this season I would like to see what he`s like with a good few games under his belt an a regular spot in the squad.

As for Pav, well his record speaks for itself a proven finisher at this level, which is what I think we have needed. It was a shame that we didn`t bring anyone in to replace Knight though I think a quick little pacy striker at this stage in the season would have given the squad a major lift.

2. There was a big debate during the transfer window over Rory Fallon, was we right to sell him for £300,000, whether or not we’d get a replacement in for him?

I think it was the right decision to let him go, in my opinion he didn`t do anything to warrant his £300,000 Price tag even though that wasn`t his fault but at that kind of money at this level you`ve got to be expecting 20 goals a season which is a tally I definitely didn`t think he was capable of.

Maybe a change in playing style would have suited him better but now we will never know. I do wish him all the best at his new club though because there is one thing I cant fault him for and that was his effort.

3. Jackett did bring in a replacement, Huddersfield striker Pawel Abbott. Do you think he’ll prove to be a good signing for £150,000?

I don`t think Pav can be classed as a replacement. They are completely different players with completely different playing ethics but as far as how good a signing he will be? Only time will tell, we already know he`s one of the best finishers in the lower leagues and has an excellent goal per game ratio but if he can continue the prolific record he has obtained at his previous then he will definitely be a quality signing for us.

4. We also signed loanee Marcos Painter for £50,000 from Birmingham. How do you think he’s done since he joined, was he a good buy do you think?

I don`t think we have seen enough of him to comment confidently on that but what we have seen has been encouraging, he looks like a talented youngster who could thrive in that position for us provided he`s got decent cover in front of him on the left flank because in my opinion Robinson isn`t a left midfielder he`s more suited to a central role provided he brushes up on his teamwork skills.

I think every one who plays in that left back role is doomed while Robinson is in front of them but provided we sort that problem out he will turn out to be a quality signing for us in the long run.

5. What’s your view on Jackett’s departure? (Did you want him out as soon as possible, at the end of the season or did you want him to stay here?)

Me personally I wanted him out, I didn`t think it would happen any time soon I thought maybe at the end of the season at the earliest so it was a bit of a shock when I heard the news but now I think we can head in a new direction and hopefully the direction is up.

He has done a good job for us I cant take that away from him, a promotion, 2 FAW Premier cups, a Football League Trophy and a playoff final that we only lost out two in penalties which in my opinion to inferior opponents on the day we wiped the floor with them through the 120 minutes but it just wasn`t our day and I don`t think anyone blamed Jackett for that because the performance and determination to get the job done were there, but I think that was the last highlight under his management apart from the 3.0 win at Sheffield United.

This year though he didn`t live up to expectations, his tactics were questionable to say the least, and some of his transfer activities were terrible, he wasn`t able to control his squad and he couldn`t motivate them. At the end of the day you cant spend £1,600,000 on a squad at this level and not get promotion – money doesn`t buy success but it definitely helps.

In a mater of some people`s opinion he has spent that money and made it worse so he had to go. I do wish him all the best though because we are in a much better position and a lot more stronger than when he first took over and in all fairness he is a nice bloke but I think that might have been one of his problems – he is too nice.

6.Realistically, who would you like to see as our new manager?

A few managers have been mentioned – Mickey Adams, Joe Royle, Johnny Hollins. But for me I would like to see Dean Saunders down here. He`s a local boy and hens got tones of experience, he`s been assistant manger at Galatasaray and Newcastle United and the only thing for him to do now is to make the step up into management. I would like to see Galactico (Roberto Martinez) as his number two. They both love the club and I think the pair of them would be able to take us forward.

7. What and who do you think’s to blame for our current poor form. Players keep telling the press to blame the players and not the manager, where do you think the problem lies at the moment? (e.g players playing out of position, wrong tactics, formation, team spirit…)

To be honest I think the idea of blaming the players alone for poor results and performances is ridiculous the manager is responsible for it just as much as the players. I think it`s a combination of all the above as well.

I think the majority of the players have lost faith in the coaching staff and in return Jackett has lost the changing room. We haven`t got a through and through captain who is able to lift the squad when they are down which is a vital quality we lost when Martinez left.

We have failed terribly to replace him. Our training ground isn`t helping. We can`t technically improve the squad because of it i.e. corners, free kicks, team shape and width. I can`t see why we don`t just ask the council to use the facility’s down the college because at the end of the day that`s where the Ospreys and the welsh rugby and football teams train and if its good enough for them then its good enough for us, so what if we wouldn`t own it and we would have to pay rent, we don`t even own our current training ground so what`s the difference. the facilities are top notch and in my opinion it would be well worth it.

8. What changes do you think need to be made to the team/club to get things right?

New training ground as i said above, new coaching staff and a new direction to work with as far as expectation and quality goes and a reshuffle of the current squad I think that is the only way we can move forward.

9. In our current poll, 66% of the visitors think we’ll miss out on the play-offs. Do you agree or will we sneak a place in the top 6?

All depends on the next three games for me if we can pick up 5 to 7 points then it is a very good possibility but if we keep on playing like we have recently then we`ve got no chance.

10. Swansea have a tough month with Yeovil, Scunthorpe and Doncaster to play. We’ve lost 2 in 2 so far in February, how many points do you think we’ll get from these 3 games?

I would like to think 7 to 9 but I think we will be lucky if we pick up 3 its down to which Swansea city turn up on the three occasions, the attacking free flowing fighting for every yard Swans or the lacklustre couldn`t care what happens swans. It`s down to the squad, we are capable of toppling any side in this division comfortably and the sooner they realise that the better.


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  • swan til i die: i think some of your comments are good but some of them are rubbish. you got to blame the players for they lack of love for the club. they are pros aint they so they so act like it and play like it. as far as rory fallon is concern is the best move he could have done because we not good enough for him, we give him no service in box and thats the way he loves to play. we need out and out wingers on left and right! i know rory very well and we will miss him more than we think, he will do well in plymouth. we are simply not good enough to play at a higher level. and need to get rid of some of our lack luster players, and at the way we playing we may aswell get rid of most of the player apart from britton, he he wasted at the swans. he far to good for this div.

  • well mate i dont know wheather you notaced but thse lackluster players played yesterday and the played out of there skin robo,lawrence,trundle christ even craney had a craker and as for lack of love for the club what did the players do after they scored both goals yesterday all 10 outfield players came together to celebrate the goal in a show of unity and delight. No sign of a lack of love there. i fermley belive jackett was the problem and what nugent did yesterday proved it he played to the players stringths and what happend we had a better performance than weve had in months. and for a start if fallon is that good tell me why he has’nt started game for plymouth yet and why he onley scored 14 goals in his time here give over mate you havent got a clue. and do me a favor start goin to see th jacks more often will you coz it certanley dosent seem as if your going that offten maybe then you will learn a thing or two.

  • rory has got the best deal out of this he is playing for a better side in a higher div. he will break into the 1st 11 why els woul they pay all that money for him. he is a very good player. i kow and everybody knows how good he can be just look at the way he played in the play off final. he was our second top goal scorer. he is not an out and out goal scorer hes a target man knights a good example of an out and out goal scorer. our fans are got to be the worst fans in the uk for putting down a good play when he has no confidence. and in the end it took its tol we always drive good players out of the club its not the first and it want be the last. every player gets a low point its the way football goes and for someone who has had trials should now that???. but what i will say is that they are players in swansea squad that have got no fight and that love for the club. thats why i say they lackluster. oh belive me i do know my football very very well mate trust me if you knew who i am you understand , you see it as a fans point of view i see it a lot different. so plaese you got a lot to learn cos you talk some *****.

  • Oh let Me guess your Andy robinson no wait ive got it your lee trundle. YOU ***** save it for the night clubs mate when your *****ed your prob more beliveable then. and even if you are a part of the club you wouldent be talking about it like that, not to a suporter anyway. i cant belive the ***** im hereing if i knew who you were hahahahahahah, bolox

  • what the ***** are you talking about?? see taliking ***** again, did i say i had anything to do with the swans?? no so get your cock out of your ass! you must be a chav! where do you sit? in the east stand with all the other *****ers! talk the talk but cant walk the walk, chav or what!!! no need to get all chavo on me mate and who!!! hahahaha. if you knew me u would not want to?

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