Date: 7th August 2006 at 12:34pm
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Site member ‘jackman2006’ answers our questions in our latest fan interview.

1. After our Play-Off Final defeat in May, do you think we can go one better this year and go up automatically?

Yes!! Weren`t very confident a few weeks ago but a few new signings and some decent results have changed my mind?am now looking forward to the new season and I think we will be challenging for the title instead of just promotion!!

2. It’s been quiet time during pre-season when we’ve needed to sign players. We’ve recently signed Amankwaah and Butler, are you suddenly more confident with our squad or are there still certain areas of the squad that need to be strengthened?

I think maybe a left back is all that is needed now?the new signings have impressed me so far?.Pratley has been excellent in pre-season and Butler was outstanding against Port Talbot!! Also Amankwaah looked good and and with Premiership experience Oakes should be able to challenge Willy!!

3. Pratley was our first signing this summer. Do you think he’ll be a good addition to the squad?

Will be excellent judging on his current performances?very athletic and good at closing people down but also very comfortable with the ball and will be a very good signing!!

4. Sam Ricketts was sold for £300,000 this summer which we couldn’t avoid, do you think that was a good deal for us or would you have liked to have seen him stay?

Would have loved him to stay as he has a lot to offer!! I think that he will be a bargain for Hull!! When he signed his last contract for us though surprised Jenkins only had a £300,000 clause for a player at International level!!

5. Jenkins and Jackett said they were targeting the same players this summer whichever league we were in. Do you think this had an effect on our lack of signings? Should we have been a bit more realistic with our targets?

Signings we originally went after ended up in the Championship and with Sam Ricketts leaving for Hull and Robinson wanting away for a money move I think the evidence is there to show it has affected our chances but we have brought in very good players who I think will be able to play at the next level!!

b>6. Jackett released Martinez, Forbes and Murphy in May, what are your views on this? Did you agree with Kenny’s decisions?

I totally agreed with this!! I appreciated what the players have done for the club but we now have players who are another step up in class which should certainly help our chances of promotion!!

7. We embarrassingly confirmed our new £375,000 record signing of Dean Leacock in July too early and the defender then had to return to Fulham because of injury problems. How did you feel about this because it’s not the first time it’s happened!

Was very shocked when I heard the news from a friend as I was planning to have him on my Swansea shirt!! I question confirming a signing before it`s official but in all fairness the contract had been signed and I would like to know how he failed his medical when they said he would be fit!! The question I ask is why the same deal couldn`t be done again if that was the only problem!! But with Amankwaah in that is very very small possibility of a move!!

8. There has been speculation recently over Robinson’s future with the Swans. What are your views on the situation? Is he being greedy looking for a higher wage or should he be given a pay rise? Should we have sold him to avoid him going on a free next year?

I heard he is asking for what Trundle earns a week in his basic wage packet!! I honestly think that is being a little greedy!! I have no doubt in his ability and think he is just as good as Trundle but Trundle has so much more for our club!! His popularity or lack of it gives the club a bigger reputation and certainly he raises awareness of our club!! He makes the club so much money and people come to watch him every week and he certainly deserves the wage packet he gets!! That`s why I think he should be earning more than Robinson!!

9. With the squad as it is now, what do you think our strongest line-up is?

I think our strongest line up is going to be?>>>

1. Willy Gueret

2. Kevin Amankwaah 6. Izzy Iriekpen 16. Garry Monk (c) 15. Tommy Williams

7. Leon Britton 18. Andy Robinson 8. Darren Pratley 21.Thomas Butler

11.Rory Fallon 10.Lee Trundle / 24. Leon Knight

10. Monk has been named captain this season. What do you think about this decision and if you disagree, who would you prefer as captain?

I am still 50/50 on this one!! I don`t think that he can lead the team for the full stretch of the season or sometimes match but with big strong characters around him we should then have the strength to go the full length!!

11. And finally, where do you thnk we’ll finish this season?

A few weeks ago I would have said the play-offs but with the new players impressing and other results I think we will defiantly be winning a promotion this time around!! I also think it will be first as it will be the best way to go up!! Although I have the feeling it will be the only trophy we will win this year!! But I will be more than happy with that!! I also expect us to have a good FA Cup round and think we will finish in the 4th or maybe 5th Round this year!!