Date: 11th February 2018 at 12:48pm
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Burnley manager Sean Dyche says ‘there are no excuses’ after his side’s 1-0 defeat at Swansea City on Saturday, yet I counted at least three, as their winless run extends to 10 Premier League games.

Dyche commented on the ‘pretty tricky pitch’ at the Liberty Stadium, injuries and Swansea’s new manager bounce, before insisting that they weren’t excuses for another poor result.

He didn’t hold back on how ‘lacklustre’ the Swans were before their revival under new boss Carlos Carvalhal. He described us as ‘lacklustre, no energy, no performance level’, and yet:

Nine games later, here they are, the madness of modern football.

“A new manager comes in and all of a sudden they`re running harder, playing harder.

“That still makes it a different challenge.”

Dyche also had a pop at our own fans, and how we were behind them today unlike 8 games ago:

‘But the reality is that a team that eight games ago had nowhere near this kind of endeavour, with the crowd not behind them like they were today, suddenly they have those things. When a new manager comes in, sometimes that is the way it goes.’

Burnley have had an incredible season, there’s no doubt about that. Despite not winning in 10, they’re still in 7th place which is a superb achievement, so it makes you wonder why Dyche has reacted to defeat the way he has. It’s no different to previous games he’s failed to win. He’s often one to complain about referee decisions or other factors, without ever acknowledging the opposition.

Dyche continued:

“Today there`s nothing in the game and we arguably had the better chances, without being great. A bit huff and puff, energy, forcing chances at times.

“And they`ve nicked one from a poor clearance from us and drive across the box and it hits two people on the way in. And you think, ‘how can we find one of them?`

“Sometimes it`s as simple as that.

“There wasn`t a lot in the game, arguably we had the better chances, although not golden chances, but the better share of the chances.

“The margins are so tight, even early season, I try and call it on a balanced view, and when we were winning, I did say they were tight games, but I think the performances were stronger in general.

“But we had a stronger squad, fully fit.

“There are no excuses though.

“I think the players are learning, some are maturing into what the Premier League is all about, because some haven`t played that much, but the margins are tight and you have to find a way of getting on the right side of them.”

There are no excuses, yet they kept coming:

“It`s got a chance of having an impact (Swansea options on the bench) because they`ve bought in players and have some decent players.

“But I didn`t think it was a radical impact. Sometimes psychologically it has an impact, you get a crowd getting behind players, but it`s hard because we`re not far away as I said to the players.

“The margins are really fine.

“We have to get players back fit, because I think this squad has worked so hard, it needs that depth to come back fit to allow it to breathe again, and let us take stock with a group to work as a unit again.

“That`s important.

“Plus my record down here is rubbish, so that doesn`t help. I knew it before the game, you know when you get that thing you can`t shake, and you go ‘forget that`. Every time I`ve ever been to Swansea, as a player, a coach, manager.

“It`s rare for me, I`ve got rid of a load of those, Ipswich, Bolton, Blackburn, really powerful ones, but I`m still waiting to shake this one off.’

The media have asked in recent months why hasn’t Dyche been offered a bigger job elsewhere in the Premier League? Why wasn’t he approached for the Everton job when they failed to get Watford’s Silva. Having watched his Burnley side on Saturday, it’s quite obvious. The tactics and style of play is dated, to say the least, and it’s definitely not a style of play that a top 6 or top 8 side would be interested in.

Yet, Everton appointed Sam Allardyce which suggests that they got desperate in the end, having gone from wanting Marco Silva – and failing, to appointing the former England manager. The chalk and cheese of football managers. Allardyce was a free agent, while Dyche would have been harder to prise away from Burnley, and it was a case of having to get someone in as soon as possible after their worrying form under Ronald Koeman and then caretaker boss David Unsworth.

Back to Dyche then, it’s disappointing to see a manager doing so well and still refuses to be more balanced, and full of excuses despite insisting that they weren’t.

But who cares, we got the result which I think we deserved for being more positive in the second half after a forgetful first. Carvalhal continues to impress and guide us to excellent results – long may it continue!


6 Replies to “Dyche: ‘There Are No Excuses’ – I Counted Three”

  • You can see the frustration in Dyche. Burnley had a whirlwind start to the season but have lost their way. Managers always look for excuses when things go wrong. They should be fine with the amount of points they have already but probably need another couple of wins to be safe.

  • Long time (55+ years) Burnley supporter here. I don’t often post on other clubs boards because of the amount of negativity it brings, but here goes. Fair enough comments about Dyche, but in his defense he generally tells it like he sees it (right or wrong), and he’s really just trying to keep the team’s spirits up. This game could have ended 0-0 or 1-0 either way, Swansea made the changes that made the difference and edged the game.
    The one comment in the article I take issue with is this one: “The tactics and style of play is dated, to say the least, and it’s definitely not a style of play that a top 6 or top 8 side would be interested in,” and again in one of the comments which said ?Burnley had a whirlwind start to the season but have lost their way.?

    First half of the season Burnley were getting praise for the more expansive style of football they were playing compared to last season, and it showed up in the results. But since then we’ve lost our captain and one of England’s best goal keepers Tom Heaton, terrific CB Tarkowski (Keane’s replacement) has now missed 4-5 games with a groin injury, our most creative midfielder Defour has been lost for the rest of season with a knee injury, same for Brady our most creative play making forward, and for Wood, our #1 striker who really gave us a threat up front. All international players for their respective countries
    So the entire shot stopping, defensive, center midfield, forward, and striker team leading and creative spine of that first half season team is missing, along with 3 other first team players, and Dyche is pretty limited in his bench substitutions. The stand-in players are good and have played well, but it?s just not the same team. How many teams could keep up a first half excellent run of results with that many important players missing? I?d argue that only one of the top 6, who can field two entire teams of better or at least equal to Burnley?s in overall quality. And I think back to Leicester?s incredible season, which arguably would not have happened if they had not been able to keep a settled and injury free team the entire season.
    We?re slowly getting some players back, but Defour and Brady we won?t see until next season. Still looking/hoping for a top half finish, which will do us for this season.

  • To be fair David I think we took exception with Dyche for saying he had no excuses but then proceeded to find at least 3, including the pitch which considering the rain we’ve had down here lately is not too bad. Every club has injuries including us and you have to prepare for them if you can. Your manager’s style of play is not something I brought up and only you guys will know if that’s true. I think what the article was trying to say was that no-one came in for Sean Dyche from the top 10 clubs and maybe they thought his style might not fit with their teams. All I will say is that Dyche seems to have done a great job with Burnley with none of the funds that other teams have. I wish you all the luck for the remaining part of the Season, and Good Luck to you.

  • Phil: thanks for reasoned reply. I was pretty gutted when we lost Heaton, then Brady, then Wood, then Defour, and figured we’d see a drop off in results since they all played a big part in our edging results in the first half of the season, and in Dyche slowly moving to a more expansive game plan. And to be fair, we deserved more against Arsenal and Liverpool at home (last second losses instead of draws), and Huddersfield and Man Utd (draws instead of wins) away. Those 6 points would have us in the safety zone already at 42, now we are frankly sweating on getting 6 points out of the last 11 games unless we can turn things around. And the upturn in form by your Swansea team – a remarkable turnaround running 2 points/game since the manager change – as well as other bottom half teams like Bournemouth, Newcastle, Crystal Palace – has brought us as close to the relegation zone as we are to the top 6 where we briefly challenged in December. The bottom half of the table is getting really tight, so good luck to you guys as well, if you can keep this run going you’ll be OK.

  • Thanks for the comments David. I can only comment on the football I saw on the day, and it was awful in my opinion, the stuff you’d see at a lower level when you play those sides in the Cup. My frustration of Dyche is his excuses, and also the fact that he seems to give them out regularly when his side fails to win. Lately, you’ve not won in a while, and I’m regularly seeing him blame results on all sorts of things, often referee’s decisions and this time it’s the tricky pitch, injuries and our new manager effect. Injuries happen to every team at some point and I just don’t think it’s a fair excuse, and I still think the comment about how desirable he is to a top 6/8 club due to his style of play is a fair one. Why wasn’t he approached from Everton? Good luck for the season.

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