Date: 23rd October 2017 at 11:34pm
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Swansea City boss Paul Clement says there’s an imbalance in the squad, with too many midfielders and a lack of defenders in the team.

The comments are baffling to say the least, and there needs to be more questions asked, particularly regarding who exactly decided then to sign too many midfielders than what we need, and not bothering (again) to strengthen the defence – particularly the left back position.

These are all things that us fans have been saying since pre-season, back when the transfer window was still open. Yet Clement is now admitting that the transfer window failed to fill some obvious gaps. And that’s not mentioning that we didn’t even replace Gylfi Sigurdsson.

Clement told BBC Sport:

‘The balance is slightly off because we’re a little bit heavier in midfield than we would like,’

‘We’re a little bit short at the back, particularly the left-back spot. Martin [Olsson] is playing and who’s pushing him? If there is an issue, who would be able to step in?

‘You’d be asking a player who’s not a natural left-back or you go down into the next level at your club.

‘We’ve got a slight imbalance there.’

Hang on Paul. You said we were ok at left back because Sam Clucas was versatile and could play there. And the questions regarding the left back worries, why weren’t these concerns addressed back when we could sign players? You could defend him and the club by saying that ‘the right player wasn’t available’, but we had an entire Summer to plan for that.

And another question that us fans asked back in the Summer, why did we sell Stephen Kingsley without a replacement ready?

‘I’ve got the squad I have until 1 January, so no complaints or whingeing or moaning about it,’

‘I’ve just go to get on with it and maybe then we can address some of the balance issues when it comes to January. Maybe.’

Nope, no whingeing or moaning Paul, like I said, we only had the whole Summer – not to mention the whole calendar year to put plans in place – something that was happening towards the end of last season as these quotes were made back then.

Maybe is also the key word there too, ‘Maybe’. Maybe we’ll sign some half decent players in the right positions? Maybe you’ll still be in a job by then? Maybe. Maybe we’ll go down? But the problem is at source mainly, poor player recruitment yet again and something needs to happen before we end up the same way as Aston Villa or Sunderland, because eventually it’ll catch up with us.


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  • Amazing comments from Clement. Too many midfielders? Why are we so weak there then? Mesa and Clucas were signed by Clement but both haven’t played. Sanches has proved to be a flop, again recruited by Clement. Kingsley was sold , again by Clement. The list goes on. It has to be said now. does our manager know what he’s doing any more.

  • ‘Clement: We’re Short at The Back, Heavy In Midfield’
    “Swansea City head coach Paul Clement says he has a major say in the club’s transfer dealings.” from BBC Sport August 2017.
    Look at any forum and virtually the same deficiencies have been highlighted for several seasons. Older players are not being replaced, full backs needed not transferred, CD needed not loaned out, commanding midfield player not an utility player, creative midfielder not a resurrection project for another club, strikers needed to replace and improve not a player who has been out for nearly two seasons and a a player we are developing for a league rival, speed / wingers bought in not transferred out. The squad, Mr Clement is a mess, unbalanced and full of development projects and Championship standard players. Add to that a misfiring coaching set up we have relegation written all over us.

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