Date: 30th September 2017 at 5:56pm
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Swansea City head coach Paul Clement felt that his side’s football was ‘a lot better today’ despite a late 1-0 less at West Ham United.

Clement was under pressure this week to adopt a more positive line-up, as he switched to a diamond from a 3-5-2, putting Abraham and Bony up front together in front of Jordan Ayew. He also brought Leon Britton back in as well as Renato Sanches, as Leroy Fer and Martin Olsson dropped to the bench.

Like Clement said, his side had good control in the first half and dominated possession, but they had very little to show for it in terms of chances, as they only managed to add one to their already very low shots on target tally for the season.

The Swans were dealt a sucker blow in the 90th minute, as Sakho slid in at the far post to convert a low cross from close range.

Clement said:

“It`s a hard feeling knowing we are going away with nothing,”

“The least we deserved today was a draw. I can`t say we deserved to win, although in the first half we had good control and passed the ball well but didn`t create enough.

“It`s always difficult to lose a game so late on. We have kept clean sheets at Southampton, Crystal Palace and Tottenham and we were very close to doing that again.

“That`s a good foundation, but we have got to create more chances and score some goals. We are not doing that at the moment.”

“It`s frustrating because I thought our football was a lot better today,”

“I said that after Watford – let`s get back to our identity, what we are good at. This club have shown that for many years and we showed it in the last five months of last season.

‘hopeless ball into the box’

Clement picked out the problems for the Swans up front:

“We passed the ball well. We moved it well through the thirds and then there was a hopeless ball into the box.

“The front players were not ready, or the midfielders were not looking to combine with the front players, or the front players were too static.”

“The front players have to do better,”

“Even on a day when they are not getting much service, they have to battle away until they get that opportunity.

“Or they have to create something themselves. Good strikers carve out opportunities for themselves, whether it`s a good run or some individual skill.

“They can also create chances for other strikers with a good pass or a good interchange, but we haven`t got that at the moment.

“I have got complete confidence in the players we have. I feel they can do it, but at the moment work on the training ground and what we are doing on the pitch are not connected.

“We have to get those things connected.”

Clement may like to think that the football was a lot better today, but for me – that just shows how awful we were last weekend. Yes, we were passing better in the middle third and in our own half, but we lacked any creativity or attacking ideas as the ball moved closer to the final third.

It was poor again and some fans are already questioning Clement’s managerial position. It’s premature to be thinking that now in my opinion, but we can’t still be struggling to even get shots on target in a few games’ time.


3 Replies to “Clement: Our Football Was a Lot Better Today”

  • Clement was quick to say we played better today and in certain parts we did but we couldn’t do much worse than last week. He went with two strikers and Ayew just behind and expected these three to carve out chances along with an advanced midfield. But all we got was a front trio who hardly moved out of the middle allowing West Ham to easily nullify our attacks. We had no width whatsoever with the two full backs expected to get forward AND defend. In his statement he said that a goalless draw is a good foundation to work on, that worries me a lot. He criticises his front men for not combining to produce chances but the space around them was so cluttered that it was almost impossible to move. When Bony was injured I was sure he would bring on a wide man like Narsingh but no he put on Fer…another player to clutter the middle up. Hasn’t he looked at the way other teams play, with width and speed. It’s all well and good saying that the players are not playing like they do in training. Matches are not like training, you have to be prepared to change and take risks, something we are not doing. At the moment Clement is not any better than the managers we have got rid of. He HAS to realise that the supporters of this club do not like defensive football and it seems that the players too do not like it. Come on man, work on offensive lines, open up the pitch to width, take more risks, that’s the only way to win games on a regular basis.

  • is PC happy now we are third from the bottom you can see why Derby got rid of him it is alright playing defensive away but not at home how long must this go on weed need to go back to basics and play with wingers which goes against the grain a bit with PC as a loyal fan for over 50 years if he does not change the way we play well there is only ones way for him to go and that is out for i like many other fans do not want to go through of fighting against relegation again wake up PC.

  • The big problem birdman2 is that Clement doesn’t believe in wide players, other than just using full backs. He just wants to pack the midfield, play about in the middle third and not having any creativity whatsoever. Our season start has been dreadful, we’ve had a much easier start compared to last year and have lost against teams we expect to finish around us. Utterly dreadful, Clement is on thin ice for sure.

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