Date: 10th March 2018 at 6:27pm
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Carlos Carvalhal talked to Sky Sports and gave his opinion on Jordan Ayew’s 11th-minute red card at Huddersfield Town.

So, was it a red card? Well, if it’s a red card for Ayew, it’s a red card for Hogg, because – like Carlos explains below – both went to win the 50-50 ball with ‘the same movement’.

And he’s right, so how Hogg came out of the challenge without even picking up a yellow card is baffling. Michael Oliver is meant to be one of the top referees in the country but there was also controversy for a yellow-carded foul on Ki later on in the second half which could have been a red.

Carvalhal told Sky Sports:

“It was in front of me and normally I don’t comment on the decisions of the referees, but because the decision, as I understand it, was from the fourth official, I saw a situation to me was not a red card,” said the Swansea boss.

“Now I’ve seen the video, it’s easier to talk, but the referees don’t have the video.

“What my player did and what the Huddersfield player did was exactly the same in terms of position.

“It’s either a red card for both players, or not a red to any player. That’s my view on the video.

“What I saw on the pitch, doesn’t look like a red card to me.”

‘I saw two players in the same circumstances try to win the ball, they tackled each other in the same movement.

‘The fourth official understands that it’s a red card and we must respect the decision.

The red card has split football fans who’ve seen the foul by Jordan Ayew. Some saying it was too high and dangerous whilst others were saying it’s a yellow for both. On first watch, I thought it was a little harsh, but it’s a dangerous tackle, he follows through and he does catch Hogg on his knee. ‘Not in control’ is what officials will say, and for that reason, I can’t see the red being rescinded, which means we’ll be without our in-form attacker for the next few games, including the FA Cup tie against Spurs.

What did you think of the sending off? Correct decision or not? Let us know in the comments below…

Talking about a possible appeal, Carlos added:

“I will analyse with some experts to help us to see if we have reason enough to appeal.”


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  • The red card for Ayew was correct, he was out of control, but by the same token the Huddersfield player was also out of control as his studs were showing and he caught Ayew, so a second red card should have been shown, how he got away with no card is a mystery. Also and this is a really odd decision, the foul on Ki was reckless and out of control and studs were showing. To be consistent the referee HAD to show a red card, how he thought it was just a yellow beggars belief. Not a good performance from Michael Oliver, he had a homer as they say. I hope he’s proud of himself.

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