Date: 8th January 2014 at 10:10pm
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Do Manchester United have the character to bounce back and end their 4-match losing run? Or can Swansea City beat them for a second time in a week?

Swansea City knocked Manchester United out of the FA Cup in the 3rd Round on their own soil last Sunday – adding to manager David Moyes’ on-going pressure at the current title holders.

Red Devils fans aren’t accustomed to losing four games consecutively, in comparison they lost 5 in total in last season’s Championship season.

To say Moyes is under pressure at Old Trafford would be a massive understatement. The pressure was there from day 1, taking over from a manager like Sir Alex Ferguson was never going to be easy.

It’s been tough for Moyes, but his toughest job to date will be inspiring his side to end their 4-game losing run and getting back to winning ways when Swansea City return to Old Trafford.

After their FA Cup 3rd round exit courtesy of Bony’s late decider, United’s problems went from bad to worse as they lost their Capital One Cup first leg match at Sunderland – again 2-1.

Their confidence must be at an all time low and the question is, if they are still without their talismen van Persie and Rooney, are they capable of the level of response needed to get a much needed win to give their fans something to cheer about again?

It has to be said, United have looked rather average in recent months, unlike on the opening day of the season when they beat us 4-1 – as Robin van Persie proved to be such an expert at finishing chances.

Can United bounce back? For our sake, hopefully not.

On the Message forum here, bohana34 reckons the Swans should be wary of an ‘almighty backlash’:

‘They lost again tonight to Sunderland. I would have much preferred a win in the league on Saturday rather than the cup last week. Something tells me though that we must prepare ourselves for an almighty backlash on Saturday. I actually feel sorry for Moyes because there is an air of expectation in such a huge club and Gordon Strachan made an interesting point the other night that he has to succeed for the sake of British managers. That said, they have the money to spend, and he had the summer to buy players, which went a bit pear shaped to say the least. Their big names are still out on Saturday so if we are ever to beat them in the league, this is the ideal opportunity. But something at the back of my head is telling me that we are in for one hell of a match on Saturday because the red side of Manchester will have that stadium bouncing on Saturday. One thing they do not do is to be rash with their managers. Let’s not get carried away.’

Justajack isn’t so sure United are capable of responding:

‘Beating Man.U. on Sunday was an advantage and I think gives us a psychological edge,I don’t think they’re strong enough for an almighty backlash. As for feeling sorry for Moyes,certainly not from me, he knew what he was getting into,if he’s not man enough for the job then walk.I used to have some respect for him but not after his comment after the game ‘Swansea didn’t deserve to go away with anything’purely sour grapes.As for his spending he did what every newly appointed manager does,takes what he sees as the best players from his previous club,I’ve yet to see that work,and Bohana as for their fans not being rash with their managers I suggest you read their forums.
Strachan probably wants to see him succeed because he’s a Scot.’

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